Bicycle rental growth of large cities, the last mile problem to be

Bicycle rental growth of large cities, the last mile problem to be solved – China network from Uber to Airbnb, sharing the economy has become a new outlet in the capital market, emerging new models. It can be predicted that in the future will give birth to more new economic growth point, the construction of shared city has been in the field of public transport results. Economic Information Daily reporters recently in Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places found that the traditional "pile" public bicycle use frequency is low, financial investment, it is difficult to large-scale promotion. Introduction of a number of cities to share the economy model, the use of the Internet of things technology to promote the no pile bicycle". Experts believe that the field of travel from buy rent, is expected to grow exponentially in the next ten years. Proposal to public transport as a breakthrough point, to share the city pilot. At the same time, the construction of the city to share the economy, but also to promote the network of real name system as the core of the integrity of the system. "Last mile" problem to solve the traffic "last mile" problem can not be solved, has been a big city congestion disease typical symptoms. According to incomplete statistics, as of now, including Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Foshan, Guangzhou, Wuhan, etc., there are more than and 20 provinces and municipalities in all parts of the city to launch a public bike rental project. However, the reporter recently visited many have found that the use of bicycles "praised" the reason mainly includes: one is to use the registration. Domestic urban public bicycle handling methods, mostly with personal documents to the relevant departments to pay the deposit for a public bicycle card, the implementation of the credit card system, different cities have different charges. From the current implementation of public rental bike city, those foreign travel, migrant workers are facing the trouble to do card, procedures and other issues. Although some cities in the public bicycle distribution in the District, because each district is not the same as the company agent, so the standard of public bicycles per district are not the same, the use of the region has been greatly limited". Zhu Dajian, director of the Institute for sustainable development and management of Tongji University. Two is also a car to find some difficult. Is the largest public bicycle system problems of the traditional, users still need to find a fixed parking spaces, no complete point-to-point convenience, convenience or system depends on the city public bicycle station network layout, and many city made extremely limited. Nanjing citizen Wang Min has relied on the bicycle as a short distance transport, "often ride time in 10 minutes, but the car was paid back in more than and 20 minutes". Three high operating costs. Some of the city’s public bicycle project suffered many ups and downs: for example, in 2009 started the service system, but the total invested 100 million yuan RMB due to poor management, in 2013 shut down, the vehicle is damaged due to excessive number of site car to rent, until 2015 before the official restart. Four is a park piling, catgut embedding, large initial investment, and long-term occupation of the city land resources. Government departments to purchase bicycle price reached nearly ten thousand yuan. There have been places to publish the cost of each public bike: 9981 yuan per vehicle.相关的主题文章: