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Robin Li

Baidu COO after taking office, the first fire to Baidu medical division.

2017 in February 9th, Baidu announced through the internal mail to adjust and optimize the organizational structure of medical services, focusing on the advantages of resources, the focus of the layout of medical services in the field of artificial intelligence.

before the abolition of the medical services department, business adjustment and personnel arrangement of Baidu has been frequent. Behind this, had rushed to China’s top market capitalization of Internet Co in recent years, Baidu has been lagging behind. And after the business model of the auction price has been questioned, is defined as the core content distribution for Baidu to bring much realizable?

The abolition of

medical division

Baidu abolition medical division news from the evening of February 8th it was.

, according to the China Times (public number: ChinaTimes), the reporter understands, Baidu medical division of intelligent small e team and the thumb doctor team will be transferred to the AI system. The content of the medical services team will be transferred to the search company. The medical department of other businesses will be shut down, the relevant staff will be combined with the development needs of the company in the internal job transfer opportunities.

Baidu also announced the adjustment after the former general manager of Baidu medical division Li Zheng will be transferred to the AI team, make full use of artificial intelligence technology, combined with the business direction of the intelligent E and thumb doctor, accelerate the search for a solution to the use of artificial intelligence in the medical field.

abolished medical division not without warning. Prior to this, Baidu founder, chairman Robin Li just in his letter of six thousand words in an internal letter sharply pointed out, to eliminate the market is not competitive products.

"if you can’t do it, don’t mix up there. Don’t hang out there.". The withdrawal of the withdrawal, the clearance on the clearance, and the. Resources to focus on our strategic and strategic projects."

Robin Li also mentioned in this letter, the original Baidu medical want to do is very simple, that is, O2O things, a lot of people to find where to see a doctor, how can we help him hang to the number he wanted to hang. But he also said, "from the beginning of last year, we found that in fact like intelligent inquiry has become more and more practical."

according to the China Times (public number: ChinaTimes), the reporter learned that, Baidu medical division was established in January 2015, mainly engaged in hospital registration appointment, direct medical services such as medical O2O. It is said that Baidu medical division is one of the 3 consecutive year the company’s year-end coefficient of the lowest.

Analysys medical senior analyst Jiang Xinyu believes that high investment faces may not have the expected output, is a judgment on Baidu currently focused on the O2O level of the medical service. She told the China Times (public number: ChinaTimes), said the reporter, Baidu in the most intense snatch 2 of doctors’ resources;