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Travel-and-Leisure The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the busiest region of this gigantic hole in the ground. Most everyone has at least seen pictures of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon through magazines or television programs. As for photographers, if you dont mind tourists in your pictures, you can visit in the summer when there are a lot of visitors. If your prefer smaller crowds, then you should go during April and May in the Springtime, or during September and October during the Fall. There are several trails running from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to the South Rim. Since the North Rim is at a higher elevation than the South Rim, taking a hike from the north towards the south involves hiking downhill, which is a little easier, especially towards the end of the trail. To protect yourself from the heat, you can take the Bright Angel Trail, which offers more shade than some other trails during the hike. You also get to fill up your water bottle along the way. Another option is to travel along the South Kaibab Trail. But this would be a far hotter hike as the trail is at an elevation of around 6800 feet. For a wonderful scenic hike, ideal for snapping some great pictures, cross Garden Creek early in the morning. Then you will climb 200 more feet to the Devils Corkscrew, where you will approach Vishnu Schist. When you approach about a mile from the Indian Gardens, you will see a fantastic waterfall where you can rest and take great pictures. From there, you will can expect a steeper climb as you pass Garden Creek on the right. The total length of the Bright Angel Trail is 9.6 miles. You will be covering an elevation of around 4,460 feet during the trek. The next phase of your trip will be rising about 3000 feet over the .ing 4 miles, through Jacobs Ladder. You can find a phone facility here as well as fresh water at the 3 mile rest house. From here, you climb another 2000 feet over the next 3 miles. From the back of the rest house, you have a trail taking you to an old cable car that is no longer in operation. The view of the canyon from this cable car is truly breathtaking. You can see some fantastic pictures close to the 2 mile mark, as well as near the artificial tunnels through the Kaibab limestone. At the 1.5 mile rest house you can find a restroom and fresh water to refresh yourself. You will also have access to phone facilities here (cell phone coverage can be shaky). Regardless of where your destination is, you will find countless opportunities to take breathtaking and unique pictures. And it cant hurt that you are sure to get some exercise in the mean time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: