Beijing Xiangshan red rate has reached 60% into the best viewing period (Figure) –

Beijing Xiangshan red rate has reached 60% into the best viewing period (Figure) – Beijing Beijing News (reporter Xin Na) Beijing Xiangshan Park "red". Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Xiangshan Park, Xiangshan red leaf discoloration rate has reached 60%, especially in the higher elevations of the censer peak, Sen Wat at the discoloration rate was close to 80%. From now until mid November, Fragrant Hills Park has entered the red time. Xiangshan Park launched five best tours red, including Xianglufeng, qingweiliao and other scenic spots. 90 thousand people to enjoy the red Xiangshan Xiangshan red leaf discoloration rate has reached 60%, into the best viewing period. Over the weekend, yesterday, a total of 90 thousand people climbing tours red. The reporter saw the morning, Xiangshan Park and under the cableway station appear tourists queuing, tourists orderly climbing tours red, the staff in the side channel. Xiangshan Park, responsible person, from the composition of tourists, the field team accounted for over 9. Implementation of flow control measures in the park. East, two North Gate area real-time publicity in the garden number at the same time, will release a green, yellow and red warning. If you enter the yellow warning, the park will arrange for staff to conduct a one-way circular garden. Reporters learned that, due to the entry of tourists into the area after the dispersion, by different paths up the mountain, yesterday did not start the yellow warning yesterday. But park official suggested that the Xiangshan Park is open 6 a.m. to 6:30. Visitors are advised to travel peak, try to choose in the early before 9 or 4 in the afternoon after the park, visitors staggered rush hour. Xianglufeng attractions selected the best tours red leaves point pleasant, where is the most beautiful? Yesterday, the Xiangshan Park featured five best viewing leaves, respectively, Xianglufeng qingweiliao, Sen Yuhu, every cloud clock and flow water pavilion. Park responsible person, five point of view according to preferences to each one has its own merits, tourists. For example, in Xianglufeng, overlooking the panoramic view of Xiangshan, Xiangshan leaves in full. Flow and Water Pavilion Sen wat is outside the forest leaves, which is located in the heart of the experience, people at the scene, take good effect. Every cloud overlooking the panoramic red clock can nanshan. Qingweiliao is located in the east gate, one of the providence Park twenty-eight scene, overlooking the mountain leaves, while close watch leaves. Xiangshan Park issued four reward in the red line: from ancient road tour of the red palace gate into the park and turn left after the static lake, Cuiwei Pavilion, Shuangqing villa, Xuan Qiulin, the wind Langzhong Pavilion, door, Henan and Timon to Xianglufeng, this is the ancient emperor mountain to enjoy the scenery okimichi. (one-way about 60 minutes) the shortest tour leaves: from the palace gate into the park, in front of the main hall qinzhengdian head will be able to enjoy the two strains of exuberant growth of maple, go to the south for about 5 minutes, in the static lake can see diffuse Red Hill scenery, is the best place to take pictures. (one-way about 20 minutes) Nanshan forest leaves leaves the tour distance from the Orient House door into the park and turn left after the static Lake climb on the southernmost tip of Xiangshan Mountain, passing qingweiliao, has been walking through the park along the wall, forest leaves can climb Xianglufeng, you can enjoy the panoramic view from the South to the north of xiangshan. (one-way about 90 minutes) a volley leaves the tour: take the tour of the cableway can easily reach Xianglufeng, in the gentle.相关的主题文章: