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Beijing – VIDEO – Yu Kewei Chengdu concert: Hometown concert have different emotional state and Yu Kewei Chengdu concert: Hometown concert have different emotional state and [comment] the evening of August 28th, Migu music scene Series Tour Yu Kewei concert in Chengdu Grand Theatre staged a land of idyllic beauty warmth. During the concert, Yu Kewei brings a different genre of singing, to the scene of fans had enough ear addiction, from the first person English theme song "Weareone" to the song "youth is the time for rain" for having heard it many times, while hold live audience domineering typhoon, the fans to sit together singing. Without the fans attracted bursts of applause and cheers. After the interview time, asked whether there is a development of the film circle of ideas, Yu Kewei in addition to laugh at his face, also said there is a chance to try to. The same period [] (singer Yu Kewei) is on the mirror when the face is quite large, so if you really want to take it, others are close to me and then you pull away is not too good, but I don’t know if I can play to what extent, if can have organic a good script for me, I think you can try. [comment] Chengdu is the hometown of Yu Kewei, in the home can portrait interpretation of nature is full of warmth, at the end of the evening, Yu Kewei brings a "home", with the warmth of the song to all the fans on the road one night. [in the same period] (singer Yu Kewei) I actually go back to Chengdu every time, every time I go home, the show is really different, really have the feeling of home. So every time back to Chengdu to sing really is to see all the folks feel, each person face smile give me feedback, I feel very warm, so when you sing very relaxed very comfortable. Chengdu, China相关的主题文章: