Beijing – VIDEO – when Peking Opera met with all the chips traditional art of the Internet to try txplatform

Beijing – VIDEO – when the opera meets all the chips: traditional art (Commentary) about the Internet to try this opera is the quintessence of Chinese culture, people are not familiar with it, but in the artistic form of pluralism, Peking Opera has become less prominent, especially in the groups of youth, love of Peking Opera is scanty. The day before, in a crowdfunding website built a large coffee together by a number of opera Guo Degang common interpretation of the opera "phoenix", since November 8th, the congregation raised the amount already more than half. As a traditional art, Peking Opera and the public to raise the product of this era of the Internet to wipe out what kind of spark? (Commentary) on why to take a combination of Peking Opera and the public to raise the way, CO hosted Fang Houyang, deputy general manager of culture, said Li Yang, hoping to attract more young people to pay attention to the traditional art of Peking opera. (the same period) Li Yang: people have done before the congregation to raise the opera, but we this project, so commercial operation, but also to raise the public as a core, is not before. As far as I know, it must be the first time. We put the whole project as a brand to packaging, but also a long-term business. Raise the public is very close to the young people a way, but also a very popular recent play. Whether it is product promotion, or event marketing, we are willing to use this way. The reason why the choice of the congregation to raise, is to create a young people and ordinary audience, no difference platform. (Commentary) for the use of Peking Opera to raise this relatively new way to promote, Beijing Peking Opera Troupe, said Mei Lanfang, head of the Beijing Opera Troupe, the new era of Peking Opera is the lack of packaging and promotion of the most popular in the world. (same period) Li Hongtu: using such means to promote the spread of the new era is also the need. What we lack in Peking Opera is packaging propaganda, promotion of their own. Although there are a lot of media, as a Beijing Opera actor, we have a lot of tv. But why not really achieve the meaning and purpose of the promotion? Is not caused by the majority of the audience’s perception, we do not enough. Through all the chips, media, or different angles to say this thing, will attract the attention of others, will feel more willing to see the play. The actual "dragon and Phoenix Phoenix" these years played a lot, so the size of the show for the first time. What is more important, so many friends in the media to participate in this matter, do a thing for the opera lobby, so I think it is very meaningful. (Commentary) compared with the "dragon and Phoenix Phoenix" dazzling raise public data, several other do the same in the congregation of Peking Opera project obviously achievement is not very ideal. Organizers said that although several of these opera may be failed to raise the public, but it is important to be a good attempt to spread Peking opera. (Li Yang): This is very practical. It is written "a possible failure to raise, there is a fight to win or die. For us, this is a reflection of the mood. At any time, we must have this sense of urgency…… I can not say too serious, not on the edge of the cliff is also gradually being the main impact of the culture, has gradually been replaced by the mainstream culture. Of course, as the quintessence of art itself相关的主题文章: