Beijing – VIDEO – Hebei street selling sweet potato jujube for sick father son to raise money to hel-yezimei

Beijing – VIDEO – Hebei street selling sweet potato jujube for sick father son to raise money to help bone marrow transplantation [comment] from Hebei County of Lingshou Province, Zhang Jianyong is a 7 year old child’s father, in order to give sick children to raise the cost of the operation, he walked on the streets of Shijiazhuang, selling agricultural products, causing the concern of love. November 23rd morning, the reporter saw in the Shijiazhuang street and the intersection of Xinhua Road, Zhang Jianyong small stalls, filled with corn, millet, potato, apple and jujube. Two volunteers are helping him. It is understood that by the end of 2014, Zhang Jianyong’s son Han Han was diagnosed with congenital aplastic anemia, the treatment of only one bone marrow transplantation. In order to treat the child, the family not only spent all their savings, but also to the relatives and friends borrowed 150 thousand yuan, Zhang Jianyong had to go to the streets, daily selling agricultural products. [Zhang Jianyong]: in December 24, 2014, he was found (small Han) had this disease (congenital aplastic anemia). Now the bone marrow matching success, you need surgery is probably about five hundred thousand, I in this bazaar has been raised to one hundred and sixty thousand. It is a thing too, he is in hospital for more than and 20 days, to make a casual, for half a day, a month can only work for ten days to eight days, too, so it is not the corn also broke off, the sweet potato also planing, the agricultural products sell it later so to sell it for surgery, hurry to cure him. There is no determination, think of ways to cure the child, I was a child. [interpretation] interview, from time to time there are people stopped in the past to understand the situation of children, and have given their love. Some people just donate money, the agricultural products quietly leave Zhang Jianyong. [] the people of Shijiazhuang over the same period: now each child as baby like, really looked very sad, because I have children, I feel very touched, a small thing, because we can’t help. ???????? Shijiazhuang people: I see, I will get off from the rush came, I see a child is certainly necessary, well intentioned people, everybody to help a child, I a person’s strength is definitely not enough. [interpretation] Zhang Jianyong after the encounter by the media reports, caused a lot of caring people’s attention. Pick up a circle of micro public volunteer Zhao Na learned that after the situation, to find a lot of love volunteers, we have a free time to help Zhang Jianyong sell agricultural products. [year] "round up micro public welfare volunteer Zhao Na: we are now in a group of volunteers, according to the arrangement of time, take turns to help children to do this when the presence of the volunteers, volunteers, can cause more people love attention. This day a day down, in order to their children, is really paid a lot of a lot, especially a great father. [comment] at present, Zhang Jianyong lived in Shijiazhuang a village houses, without any heating equipment, the room is very cold, small culvert with a mask on the bed sitting quietly, watching the people love to send a comic book. [the same period] small Han mother: now.相关的主题文章: