Beijing – VIDEO – Cai Zhenhua said Gao Hongbo’s resignation a little impulsive coach will be born

Beijing – VIDEO – Cai Zhenhua said Gao Hongbo’s resignation "impulse" coach will be in a week or so the birth of Cai Zhenhua said the resignation of Gao Hongbo "a little impulsive" coach will be born [comment] about a week in the afternoon of October 13th, Chinese Football Association executive committee interim meeting in Beijing, and to the media briefing held China, chairman of the Football Association Cai Zhenhua will face the national football coach Gao Hongbo’s resignation brought controversy, he made it clear that the Orangemen lost 0-2 to Uzbekistan before the game, the football association not to put pressure on Gao Hongbo, that he would not make such a low level before the failure, must be encouraged. The same period [] (China Football Association President Cai Zhenhua) did not mention the resignation of two words, I can responsibly tell the media, will never say this one you lose you resign, normal I think I will not commit such a low-level error, I also love to ask this question, are concerned about, like child to the exam, before the exam, you say to a child, you have to do, if you don’t get what I’d do, I think all parents would say, must be good to encourage children to test. [comment] in October 11th, the Orangemen lost to Uzbekistan after Gao Hongbo announced at the press conference he will resign, and said there is in-depth exchanges in the pre – and the leadership of the Football Association, the football association leadership team that China problems should take by the coach, in this regard, Cai Zhenhua is not evasive to restore his experience, he said. Gao Hongbo is not ready to resign, the Football Association, and asked his decision is not a little impulsive and reckless. The same period [] (China Football Association President Cai Zhenhua) as the national football coach, indeed his pressure is very large, the spirit, including daily, ordinary people can not imagine, so I ask him physically and mentally, I let him look, do not have so much pressure, he said that no problem. I asked, how suddenly to resign? He said, he said from the beginning of 12 took over, because our goal is to score the Moscow World Cup, we plan in the first five games to get 7 to 8 points, now played four games, scored 1 points, from the angle of the coach must take responsibility so, he resigned, I think, I also told Gao Hongbo that a decision is not so much a little impulse, in a sense, this time it is not hasty. [comment] from the Orangemen and Qatar next round of 12 only about a month’s time, according to the Chinese Football Association vice president Yu Hongchen introduced the plan in the coach will be in this month 20 days, at this stage the football association is not associated with any coach to communicate, coach candidates will not limit certain domestic coach or foreign teachers. Cai Zhenhua said that the football association has not been the same as before, the coach coach the team have any intervention. The same period [] (Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua) from the Perrin era, including the women’s team (coach) Bush and now national football coach, football is more service, more security, we can give suggestions to coaches, coach, but the final decision should be the coach, because the association hire a coach, the association said相关的主题文章: