Beijing usher in a big cooling tomorrow night the lowest temperature approaching -3

Beijing fully usher in large cooling tomorrow night minimum temperature is approaching -3 C – Beijing Beijing morning news (reporter Xiao Dan) although there is wind, but yesterday it is an invigorating autumn climate. But do not be careless, and a wave of cold air has been on the road, tomorrow night, the minimum temperature will drop to -3. Yesterday morning, the lowest temperature of Southern Observatory in 6:50, 0.3 C. During the day the sun’s bright sunshine afternoon as the power, the highest temperature appeared at 13:54, 12.7 C, and basically the same as the day before yesterday. Weekend encounter this rare good weather, out of a few red people. However, the northern part of the night last night, sporadic rain fell. Affected by strong cold air, this afternoon, the north wind gradually increased to four, gusts of about six. Tomorrow the weather will usher in Beijing become aggravated, fully cooling, minimum night temperature is -3 DEG C. The highest temperature is expected in the next 3 days at 6-13 DEG C, the lowest temperature -3-2 C. Municipal Meteorological Observatory, said the cooling is only a short period, is expected to gradually pick up from 2 to 6 days next month to the current level of temperature. A fall, rhinitis committed how to do? For allergic rhinitis, dust mites, fungi, animal allergens are allergens, corresponding to each person is different, can go to the hospital for allergen inspection, so as to avoid these things cause rhinitis. For people who are allergic to mites, often drying bedding and pillows, which fully after drying thoroughly to kill mites. For the mold in the air conditioning, to clean up the air conditioning. All in all, it is better to find allergens and try to contact them as little as possible. In addition, allergic rhinitis can often clean the nasal cavity, away from allergens. Prepare a bowl of light salt water, morning and evening 2 times, clear secretions. It is worth mentioning that the patients with nasal dryness, does not recommend the use of this. Pull the nose, nose will damage the nasal tissue, causing nasal mucosa damage caused by bleeding from the nose and nasal inflammation in bacterial invasion, or nasal deformation, so it is best to get rid of the bad habits.相关的主题文章: