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Beijing morning news: a total compensation of high-altitude parabolic can wake up public spirited – View – original title: total compensation of high-altitude parabolic can wake up social morality moral "moralize" based on the necessary, but through propaganda and popularization, improve the execution of the law, legal punishment for infringement to need, strengthen the protection of being infringers, is the urgent problem. Social concern, Hanyang District of Wuhan City, high-altitude parabolic cause baby small Xinyi disability claims, recently in Wuhan City Intermediate People’s Court of second instance verdict. The court rejected the appeal of the demands of the owners, the owners maintain common small Xinyi compensation 360 thousand yuan of first instance verdict. In November 2014, more than and 40 day old baby girl small Xinyi sun in Hanyang century dragon District 11 Building 2 downstairs, was injured by throwing a cement block. Small Xinyi was rushed to hospital, and the forensic identification of seven disability. Small Xinyi family failed to find the perpetrators, the building outside the building 32 floors in addition to a total of 128 property owners sued to court. ("new Express" in September 11th) the case of second instance although the end, but the rights of difficult process is daunting. High altitude parabolic total compensation can awaken public morality, in addition to moral education and legal discipline, but also need to simplify and fast procedures as a guarantee. From the point of view of the dual requirements of the prevention of infringement of rights and protection based on the height of parabolic behavior Lord, "may harm the building use compensation", in order to maximize the protection of the rights and avoid infringement, after the rights were unable to obtain compensation for harm and the relief way, to protect the rights in vacuum. At the same time, we can strengthen the public legal responsibility of each person through the way of joint liability. In fact, such a provision is not new, in the international arena can also be regarded as a common practice. The reason why the people are also difficult to accept, a sense of tort liability is still limited to the understanding of the existence of. But in reality, the basic principle to make the height of parabolic neighborhood guilt has been implemented, there are still great difficulties and psychological obstacles. On the one hand, a lot of people the legitimacy and fairness of the "neighborhood sit" doubts. On the other hand, the existing legal efficiency and enforcement efforts, making the cost of rights is very expensive, often pay a heavy price is difficult to obtain a satisfactory result. Therefore, these two factors based on strengthening the protection of rights and improve the efficiency of law enforcement, make "neighborhood sit" become a kind of moral consensus and legal knowledge, can be based on legal consequences and abide by the moral bottom line. The height of parabolic chaos has no cure, based on moral "moralize" certainly, but through the popularization, publicity and improve the implementation of the law, given the infringer with the necessary legal punishment, strengthen the protection of the infringed party, is the problem must be solved. (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wang Qian)相关的主题文章: