Beijing issued a national day the most popular attractions of the traffic control department

Beijing issued a national day the most popular attractions of   the traffic control department put forward suggestions — Shaanxi channel — original title: Beijing released the National hot spot Traffic Department of   Chinese network reporter from the Beijing municipal traffic management department, National Day during the more than and 130 Beijing city supermarket, shopping mall, shopping malls, business district will be held at a discount the promotional activities, will attract a lot of traffic, passenger traffic on the go. Especially in Xidan, Wangfujing, Jishuitan, Three River Road, main street, Dashanlan, Shuangqiaoshan, Bei Qing Road area, ten in the four bridge, river bridge, Dajiaoting bridge, four yuan bridge bridge area, Chaoyang Road North, Chengfu Road, Wudaokou and other key areas around the peak will appear congestion. Is expected during the national day, Beijing city’s most popular attractions: Tiananmen, Gubei Town, the Badaling Great Wall, Xiangshan Park, the Summer Palace. Beijing City, the traffic control department for some popular attractions provide travel advice to the public: Tiananmen: during the national day, Tiananmen and the surrounding roads prone to congestion. Proposed public transport travel. By 1, 2, 52, 59, 82, 99, 120 road can be reached; Metro Line 1, Tiananmen station to get off. Due to the holiday period to Tiananmen tourists more, it is recommended to get off at two stations in advance. The Badaling Great Wall: Beijing Tibet highway to the Badaling Great Wall, 110 national road will be full of nature during the holiday congestion. The Badaling scenic area parking resources limited yard is saturated, into the Badaling scenic 58 export will be closed, tourist vehicles from 62 exit, go west road again into the Badaling scenic area. When the Badaling scenic area parking lot is saturated, the vehicles may have to wait for 2-3 hours to enter the yard. Along the proposed roads – Sha Yang Lu -216 Lu Wen highway traveling to the Great Wall. Or choose to take the suburban railway line S2, 877, to avoid delays on the road. Gubei Town: old town north direction of Chengde will be subject to severe congestion, narrow roads, parking area with limited resources and other objective factors, not only easy to cause the area surrounding the road traffic congestion, on Jingchenggaosu road to Beijing direction traffic near the exit of Simatai made certain influence. Recommended to bypass the Tang Road State Road -101. Shidu scenic area: for many visitors, every section will be blocked. At the same time, north ditch, ridge ridge and other scenic areas may also be driving the peak situation. Go to the Shidu area of the vehicle to the West from the 3rd Ring Rd Lotus Bridge, has been five yamen mouth bridge to the west, from the Shimen camp on the West six ring road to the south. Along the West six ring southward to Fangshan Liyuan bridge, then to Beijing Macao high-speed, after Doudian, can continue southward, pulled out from the Liulihe toll station, after Liu Taolu Westward Journey (via Yue Eru, real easy road, yunjusi Road, Zhou Zhanglu, Lai Po) Shidu scenic area. The Mutianyu Great Wall: the Mutianyu Great Wall scenic line, such as the Hongluo Temple, Qinglong Gorge, Yanqi lake, International Conference Center and other tourist attractions for tourists, traffic is heavy, prone to congestion. When the Huai Feng Lu Yanqi Lake Road congestion, can bypass the Yanqi along the north central, South Loop, Fanqi highway; Huairou Jingcheng segment).相关的主题文章: