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[Beijing] Beijing Brunch into the shop. – your taste buds, it’s open to the Sohu and the author: Mushroom Zi Tengjun lazy weekend to get up early to dawdle near noon, sumianchaotian, traveling light, pick up the coat, find a quiet corner of foraging. I do not know when I have this habit, every Sunday, to go out alone to eat a hearty brunch, alone time not embarrassed, but give yourself more space for thinking. Alone, really need to practice. A cup of coffee, open brunch pass, warm latte will not stimulate not fully wake up the viscera, just tell them gently in the ear, you can start to work, delicate foam to melt slowly on the tongue, bitter coffee followed, fragrant fragrance, taste slowly opened. 000 Scott named Wangfujing Hilton Hotel, a restaurant with five layers, high Brunch package price, every weekend, there was always full of customers. Came to the predetermined seat service, the day the weather is good, the sun shines into the room through the clean glass, the winter sun is not dazzling, but let the room more warm, love the red and white chequered tablecloths, simple yet cute, it can alleviate the serious star hotel. The dining area is L, with a small table square are also suitable for salad booth to dinner, meal time, almost filled with food, regional planning reasonable, overall rectangular shape, so as not to let people to take meals and go too tortuous, and Paul the guests are not too crowded. From the beginning of salad appetizer, smoked salmon with cheese, put in the mini bagel above, a. Basil chicken salad taste do amazing, chicory, lettuce, asparagus, mushroom and chicken are wrapped in a green basil sauce, top with some yellow and purple flowers, with delicious salad, I would not hesitate to put in the dish, especially so much of my love the elements of Italian cheese and tomato small selection, the favorite Ma Su mozzarella cheese arugula, medium thickness, mouth sweet and sour oil and vinegar to ease the dairy greasy feeling. The soup is cream of clam soup, soup in place put a sliced bread, wondering for a long time use, probably for soup, just enough, drink a mouthful of delicious, creamy and seafood taste like nature itself. The eye-catching lobster mountains make we have to stop, one must take 4, 5 only to the satisfaction, it is a good time to eat seafood, huge lobster has been a good cook, white shrimp exposed, as long as it can be too much soy sauce, cooking will cover the lobster the delicious. I do not know why, like salmon now than to eat fried cooked sashimi, salmon has a different flavor, fried cream was found in the salmon hot area, immediately decided to put the limited stomach for her, and I wasn’t disappointed, salmon maturity just perfect white juice rich, wrapped tightly around her, a few drops of Chapter相关的主题文章: