Ban Ki-moon became the most popular candidate for the next president responded careful consideration yvette yates

Ban Ki-moon is the most popular Korean candidate for the next president responded: careful consideration – Sohu news UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon 21, said in an interview, he resigned as Secretary General of the United Nations, the future will consider whether to continue effect for South korea. South Korea is scheduled to hold a presidential election, although Ban Ki-moon never declared intention, but was still considered a popular candidate for South Korean media, published in multi agency poll support rate is leading the way. Reuters quoted an interview with Ban Ki-moon reported that Ban Ki-moon’s vision for the future is open". "I understand that the Korean people will naturally look forward to the idea that I should build a better korea." Ban Ki-moon said. He said he was stepping down as Secretary General of the UN, is expected to return to Korea in mid January next year. At that time, he will be able to give advice to their friends and politicians to talk about, to see what I can do for the future of korea". Ban Ki-moon said, the final conclusion will take time. He will carefully consider how to make good use of his experience as Secretary General of the United Nations to serve the Republic of korea. But for now, the focus of his work is to stand up to the last post, to fulfill the duties of the UN Secretary general. In addition, Ban Ki-moon expressed concern about the situation on the Korean peninsula. "Tensions on the Korean Peninsula is unprecedented," Ban Ki-moon said, "this is the most let me concern and worry." Gallup, a pollster, had previously announced that Mr Ban Ki-moon was the most vocal candidate for South Korea’s next president, with a support rate of 27%. The largest opposition party to former Democratic Party leader Wen zaiyin followed, the support rate of 18%, ranked third in the opposition National party coalition party before Shouan Chul soo, the support rate of 9%. On the other hand, South Korea 21, Gallup survey released shows that President Park Geun hye’s support rate fell to 25%, the lowest since taking office. Gallup, South Korea’s 18 to 20 of the 1018 adults on the park Geun hye governance conducted a survey. The results showed that 25% of respondents gave a positive evaluation of the park administration, compared with the previous week fell 1 percentage points; 64% were given negative evaluation, compared with the previous week rose 5 percentage points. Give a negative evaluation of Park Geun hye governance as the main reason of the lack of communication with the public, economic policies, such as improper personnel appointment, the association of Mir consortium confidant Cui Shunshi intervention of the controversial project also make Pu Jinhui lose points. South Korean public opposition to the Democratic Party’s support rate rose to 29%, a record high this year, with the ruling New World Party’s support rate unchanged. This is the first time since the establishment of the Democratic Party’s support for the first time with the new world party. Wen Xinhua News Agency相关的主题文章: