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Travel-and-Leisure Way back in 1991, was the launch of mileage legendry Kawasaki Bajaj 4s Champion which did a mileage of more than 75 kmpl on road and it led to Kawasaki Bajaj Boxer CT, AT and then came Bajaj CT100. Bajaj Platina 100cc launched in 2006 derived a few designs from Bajaj Wind and eventually replaced the then leading Bajaj CT100. A few people still retain those bikes for mileage. In the recent years, Bajaj quick and trendy strategies of two-wheeler business, doesnt allow a model to bum around with its old style in the factory. One such redevelopment within a couple of years, is the new launch of Platina 125 cc 5 speed gear box during March, 2010 upgraded from the 4 speed Platina 125cc launched during September 2008. Bajaj has managed to make the bike look more stylish and less .muting. Thanks to the all 4 dual tones Black with Blue decal, Black with Green decal, Black with Red decal and Red with Red decal. So what does the graphics narrate? Simple wavery line of white and blue, green, red themes, starting from the tank edge up to the tail grab rail shining here and there. Well, for an entry level bike, this is quite fresh. The headlamp design retains the same old Platina flaring. The flexible orange indicators stick out promptly on either side. Headlamps reflect light wider. Broader 3 rear tyre, Pass switch for safer overtaking and large wheelbase are the other noticeable features on the 2010 Platina 125cc.The speedometer has a new white background with grey dials indicating legible fonts of speed figures upto 120. On the right of the instrument panel lies the fuel indicator and a Big B for Bajaj. The right arm of the long and typical .muter handlebar embeds ride control switch, lights on/off switch and the self start button. The handle grips and mirrors are retained. The top of the left arm is decorated by a pass switch, then high/low beam switch, side turns switch and horn switch at the bottom. The tank looks more flat at the top and bears a big capital fonts Platina over it. The tank lid is rectangularly shaped and tucks in smoothly into the chassis. The .muter seat has more cushion under the rider that gradually reduces towards the pillion. Days are gone when a .muter bike will always look boxy. Platina has a little raised chassis at the back allowing the pillion to enjoy a little view of upfront traffic. The black air fin sits vertically over the grey engine. The entire full chain cover gets a grey treatment like the one .ing in new Hero Honda Splendor + bikes. The heel-toe shifts have both bushes identical for better foot grip. SNS suspension (black-orange double spring coils, ) for the rear, as well as long seat adds more usable value to the bike. Bajaj also claims a maintenance free battery under the Platinas seat. The avoiding of silvery (only the silencer shield shines in silver) finish even to saree guards and springs of suspensions, and usage of plastics wherever possible makes the bike look friendlier to eyes as well as to your fuel budget. The tail lamp retains Bajaj Winds shape and the grab rail is all black, matching the rest of bikes theme. The all black alloys replace the yester Platinas silver alloys. Summing up, Platina is no more just another .muter bike. Platinas heart is a refined churns out a maximum power of [email protected] rpm and [email protected] rpm .pared to the older engines maximum power [email protected] rpm and maximum torque of [email protected] rpm. So what you get out of this fine tuned engine is a gradual acceleration and steady mileage and also thank the more .muter friendly high torque at lower rpm ratio. The new 5 speed gear box with all down pattern clearly hints Bajajs focus on better fuel efficiency than sportiness to the consumers from Platina. Pushing the stand, and pressing the self start button, allowed me to hear the mild engine beat of Platina Review . Surprisingly, .pared to the previous Platina, the new Platina takes only shorter throws for gears, which is very much necessary for quicker transmissions in city traffic. The long swinging handlebars, might look awkward, but does its job very well by reducing strain to the shoulders and an overall balancing posture for the lighter bike. Gliding at 30-40 kmph range is a range of best speeds to get better mileage from the bike. The inclusion of ride control switch allows only a 50 kmph limit, best suited for city traffics. This makes platina sip the petrol. On rush hours, you can prefer riding the bike switching off the ride control. Reaching 70kmph mark takes a while and beyond which the engine cries. Top speed of up to 85 kmph is possible only by a single rider. With a pillion, the engine grunts a little more and also, the bikes pull at lower rpm isnt that great. If you accidently shift to the 5th gear at a 20-30 kmph speed, the engine knocks off. Down shifting is also not a big deal. The wider seats and wider rear tyre adds to the stability of the bike. Bajaj has been renovating its entry level segments on par with the customers tastes. The recently launched Discover DTS-Si made a record brake in sales, and same in case of Pulsar 135LS bike selling 50000 within 75 days of its launch. With the 5 speed upgrade, Bajaj hopes for the 125 cc Platina to pick up its sales. Claiming 70kmpl of mileage,hope new Platina 125 cc 5 speed performs as planned by its parent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: