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[Baidu] an Xiaoshuang lottery ball 16101st: magima active Sohu – the Phoenix review Shuangseqiu 2016100th lottery number: 031022232729 red blue 04, red number feature size is smaller than 4:2, the parity ratio of 4:2, and a value of 114, span 26, even 04 out of a small basketball. The recommended number comprehensive recommendation: 0104101116202529 + 1012 + 10 010410162025 note: on the Red 1, size analysis: Analysis on the issue size is smaller than 4:2, 4 consecutive and lottery friends. The last stage of large number of obvious advantages, the small fortification code rebound, recommended size than 2:4 missing 5 out. 2, parity analysis: the period from the parity ratio of 4:2, the missing 7 appeared. In the near future the odd and even code distribution is more turbulent, this period may be concerned about the second code leading, the odd parity ratio 2:4 missing 4 appear. 3, the three division trend: zone three on the ratio of 2:1:3, the last stage of intensive three district two district number number, go cold, a steady performance. This period can focus on two areas to touch bottom rebound, recommended area three than 3:2:1. 4, tap: the period from leading 03, leading 0 yards missing 2 out, it is worth noting that the 1 codes of nearly 5 period only out of 1 is cold, this period pay close attention to 1 yards on the positive award, selected 2 code 0104. 5, Phoenix: the period of Pteris was 29, odd even out of Phoenix code, high frequency of last stage of Pteris magima award, this period attention magima continues to date, recommended 2529 pteris. The analysis on the issue of small basketball basketball even code 04, missing 16 appeared. Parity, even the code out of the 3 consecutive period, this issue is concerned about the continued code. The size of the small code out of the 4 consecutive period, the current focus on large code back up. Two yards Wai LAN 1012. Baidu lottery () expert An Xiao original相关的主题文章: