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Awesome, rescue the kidnapped crew Taiwan Taiwan media has chosen to ignore the Sohu news on the morning of 25 hijacked by Somali pirates Oman Ji Taiwan fishing boat "NAHAM 3", the 9 rescued crew (Chinese, 8 people, 1 people in Taiwan security) arrived in Guangzhou. Although Taiwan authorities hope Taiwanese crew Shen Ruizhang directly back to the island, but he was willing to return to the mainland with the mainland crew. According to WeChat, the public side (ID:bianyizu) reported on October 25th, Shen Ruizhang told the then leader Ma Ying-Jeou for help, but to "beyond the scope of the government refused a request. While the mainland in the rescue process played a key role, such as the Taiwan Affairs Office to help contact China Red Cross donations, so to Hongkong funded enterprises raised the ransom. In addition, the mainland is also actively communicate with the families of the crew in Taiwan, multi run, in the military has also provided assistance. However, active rescue efforts in the Taiwan media is ignored in most eyes, even a dark green media praised us to take decisive action to rescue people’s deeds. The following is the original article: 4 years, 7 months! Five flavors mixed Chen, has just been released by pirates of the Taiwan crew Shen Ruizhang arrived in Guangzhou on the 25, so describe their feelings. Work in the fishing boat he was kidnapped during the past 5 years, the Taiwan authorities did not beg, and finally play a key role in the mainland, the United International forces will he and 25 crew members were rescued. Hijacked by pirates, Taiwan Shen Ruizhang (in) the crew were rescued, according to the wishes of the first arrived in Guangzhou from Taiwan Oman registered "Naham3" in March 26, 2012, ocean fishing vessel hijacked by Somali pirates in India, 29 people on board, including the captain and chief engineer Zhong Huide Shen Ruizhang of two Taiwanese, 10 mainland crew members. The pirate captain was shot dead, a, and a crew in Indonesia during this period died, only 26 hostages. Hijacked Oman from Taiwan fishing vessel "Naham3" this time, only drink a litre of water every day, and forced to eat mice for a living". Shen Ruizhang tied in more than two years later, when Ma Ying-Jeou was through video requires government to require the shipowner Hong Kaohsiung. Shen family in 2014 to the "Legislative Yuan" Cai Zhengyuan for help, Cai Zhengyuan first is turning to the Malaysian government. But the horse government at that time, the complexity of things beyond the government’s ability to reject Cai Zhengyuan. Cai had found the international hostage support partner organizations (HSP) and the bargaining price adjustment, the middle 6 pirates. According to media reports, Cai Zhengyuan to the three business platform to raise the ransom, about pay $3 million before the final redemption hostage. According to media reports, China played a key role in the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council to help contact Chinese Red Cross donations, so to Hongkong funded enterprises raised the ransom. In addition, the land is also actively communicate with the families of the crew in Taiwan, multi running. Last March, the ARATS Deputy Secretary General Wang Xiaobing met with the Shen Ruizhang family secret in Taiwan, and discuss the matter with the ransom and rescue the owner to discuss. 2, etc.相关的主题文章: