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Sports-and-Recreation Skiing is a recreational activity that makes use of skis as equipment for travelling over snow. It is also a sport that requires certain skills, training, and practice. With that being said, here are some leg exercises for skiing that every skier must try to perform in order to improve their strength and also to prevent injuries. Click Here For Avalanche Ski Training Instant Access Now! Number one: One-legged squats. One-legged squats are among the best leg exercises for skiers because they not only strengthen your legs but also increase your balance. In order to perform this exercise, you should position yourself by standing straight on one leg, with the other leg bent at the knee. Then, bend your knee as if you were about to sit down without reaching a fully-seated position. Hold this position for a few moments before returning to a standing position. Repeat several times and switch legs. Number two: Skier (runner) stretch. The skier stretch is often used by runners, but skiers may also use this stretch in order for them to enjoy skiing for more than just a day. This stretch focuses on the mobility of your hip. The better movement you have here, the less stress there will be on your lower back. To perform the skier stretch, kneel down and take one big step up bringing your foot outside the hands. Slide your opposite knee back and then slowly lower your elbow close to your ankle. Number three: Lunges. Lunges are excellent for skiers because they can be performed at varying angles and directions, with a step or platform, or with weights. The basic lunge involves taking a big step forward with one leg and bending until such time that the thigh is almost parallel to the floor. The walking lunge, on the other hand, involves taking a large step forward and reaching toward your sneaker. Doing various types of lunges will enable you to work more muscles in your legs. These three are just examples of leg exercises for skiing that you can perform. Click Here For Avalanche Ski Training Instant Access Now! 相关的主题文章: