Australia dissatisfied with the Hague maritime delimitation dispute, said the foreign minister is no-norton disk doctor

Australia accepts the maritime delimitation dispute over Hague’s foreign minister said the nonbinding – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent Zhen Xiang Hague] 26, decided to accept the Permanent Court of arbitration filed by the East Timor and Australia maritime boundary arbitration. Australia, "Sydney Morning Herald," said the Australian attempt to cancel the arbitration case failed. According to Agence France-Presse, Hague, 26, said in a statement issued by the court of arbitration, said: the court believes that the ability to promote the mediation process on the case of East Timor v.." East Timor welcomes the statement. Sydney Morning Herald, said the Australian government, 26, said that the current arrangements for the dispute on East Timor has a huge interest in the existing treaty has been fully negotiated. Australian Foreign Minister Bishop said it would continue to promote the relevant issues in accordance with international rules of mediation, the court will issue the relevant report is not binding". "Sydney Morning Herald," said the 19 day of the Hague arbitration tribunal made a decision, until now publicly. In a closed door session held last month, Australia challenged the court to accept the legal basis for the arbitration, and insisted that East Timor should respect the existing treaty. Australian Foreign Minister Bishop said earlier that the mediation committee established by the East Timor did not have the power to hold maritime delimitation hearing. However, after the Hague provisional arbitration tribunal made an illegal arbitration of the South China Sea issue, Bishop asked China to respect the legally binding ruling". The issue of maritime delimitation between Australia and East Timor has been deadlocked for decades. In East Timor by the Indonesian rule, "the Timor Sea" on the plurality of rich oil and gas resources, tens of billions of dollars worth of the area, most of them are zoned to australia.相关的主题文章: