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Aunt to the small clinic treatment of dermatitis and a needle down right eye pain blindness (Figure) – Beijing, September 12th afternoon, who lives in Chengdu Dafeng Street aunt Xue Ying covered his eyes crying, while blaming his wife. Sitting in the side of his wife’s face was agitated, but do not know what to say. A month ago, 58 year old aunt Xue Ying went to Chengdu, a company called "Chengdu Jinniu Xiang and integrated outpatient department" small clinic treatment of dermatitis, the doctor on her face after a shot, immediately reacts, eye pain, soon lost sight of. This month, Xue Ying became agitated, no longer love out, often in tears. Family began to find reasons for this, and to discuss the clinic. In September 13th, the WCC reporter went to investigate and found the clinic number has been changed, but the doctor still employed and the person in charge. For patients with eye blindness after injection, the doctor made his own explanation. The patient about the face after the injection such as egg Xue Ying right eye swollen right eye lost sight of the family lost. 12, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter saw Xue Ying in her home. Through close observation, it was found that her right eye was turbid and colorless, obviously different from the left eye. After covering his left eye, Xue Ying can not identify the reporter stretched out a few fingers. According to the British Xue and his wife about the relevant medical and family shows Xue Ying a few years ago have neurodermatitis, wrist began only a small, began to spread over a year ago, a lot of long arm, is also on the forehead. Because of the itching uncomfortable, she thought of the hospital to see. Xue Ying’s wife in the Wukuaishi market area of delivery, he noticed a business Avenue called "Chengdu Jinniu Xiang and comprehensive outpatient clinic," wrote this sign at the treatment of skin diseases, think this place is near Dafeng, convenient from the doctor, so he let Xue Ying go to see a doctor here. The attending doctor is a middle-aged man named Feng Biao. Xue Ying himself said that she has been here for more than 1 years, there are still some results. Before, Dr. Feng is also in the face of ringworm of the location of the needle. On the morning of August 1st, Xue Ying came to the clinic, he proposed to bring their children at home, do not want to continue the treatment of dermatitis. Feng Biao gave her to open more than 1800 yuan of medicine, and in her long ringworm of the right forehead for subcutaneous injection, the injection of medicine is bent Ann snyder. "This is the last stitch." Feng Biao told Xue ying. Xue Ying said, shortly after the injection, his face a serious condition, the right eye suddenly hurt very much, a few minutes after the swollen like an egg, eyes all around purple, but also began to vomit." Hospital diagnosis of ophthalmic artery embolism recovery opportunity is very low right eye suddenly swollen, Xue Ying and his wife has not left the clinic. Xue Ying said that she was very afraid, and quickly find the Feng doctor asked what was happening, says vomiting and vomiting, very uncomfortable. But Dr. Feng said that after a period of reaction, and then observe the observation. I believe it, but then feel worse and worse, so anxious to shout. The rest of the clinic called out Dr. Feng, who went out to work. In the afternoon, the clinic arranged for Xue Ying to go to other large hospitals. Reporters saw the next day West China Hospital相关的主题文章: