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"Asked" the Qingchengshan letter Xian Sendoh feast ceremony big announced 7.5 CGWR score | asked the novice card booking area ten years, millions of online, "asked" the letter Xian ceremony held in Qingchengshan yesterday, the event constantly exciting. Multiple game settings, COS new members of the amazing performance of the team, the scene of massive gifts. Today, let us review letter Xian ceremony live wonderful, experience the fun order letter! "Asked" the website "asked" Sina micro-blog "asked" the letter Xian Xian letter received ceremony ceremony scene to restore the real game player game story event lasted two days, the 50 game player asked million Qingchengshan, divided into five teams of Jin Mu water fire and earth. In the full "asked" the elements of "Xian a battle in the game after a difficult examination, struggling to fight, the final 4 game player successful encirclement, stand on the second day of" Xian ceremony "the Sendai letter. Get the final award. Akira Akira feast feast multiple exciting activities of multiple exciting activities Sendoh feast multiple exciting activities ceremony Xian letter multiple exciting big announced "asked" the road to King Sendoh feast scene, together with our friends. The popularity of the COSER Avatar "asked" the goddess NPC comes from Sendai, stunning the audience, a time of staying in xian. And vice president Zhu Pingbao personally Guangyu game game player award, the scene presented rich animal and other gift. The closure ceremony Xian multiple exciting, deeply loved and sought after game player! Younger dance is the most popular COSER PK national semi-finals fresh in addition, "asked" the annual blockbuster event PK national semi-finals have been released, the strongest battle jiqiangkaida. Match 280 thousand cash prizes, and has rich order 8 horse, animal variation, Yin Yuanbao Hao Li hands. II intense action, who will dominate the Zhongzhou? High bonuses, the final prize will fall who? The official website to participate in activities, generous gift xiangsong. Zhongzhou king, let us wait and see! "Asked" the letter Xian ceremony of new activities "asked" the letter Xian ceremony has perfect ending, wonderful uninterrupted event. The day after, "asked" the game player will also bring more exciting activities, surprise and welfare. In addition, the PK tournament has intensified, let us together for the contestants cheer! Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: