Are You Fat For No Good

UnCategorized No matter what you do, are you still fat? Are you enjoying life, or are you constantly fretting over your weight? Are you perpetually half-starved, unhealthy and still fat? Are calories the issue, or could there be another, more sinister reason? How many times have you literally starved yourself, only to stubbornly hang on to that weight or even gain weight? How many times have you sat on the bike at spin class, sweated through aerobics classes, stretched yourself into contortions in yoga or ran until you dropped, only to find you haven’t lost a pound? We have all been told that it’s simple: just eat fewer calories than we "burn" while living, breathing, thinking and exercising. But, if that’s the case, how does that explain our skinny friend who eats double what we eat, yet stays skinny? How does that work? And how does that explain fat marathon runners, who routinely run 40 or more miles each week to stay in marathon shape? By the way, if you think marathon runners can’t be fat, you owe it to yourself to go to a race sometime. You’ll see all body shapes and sizes, not just Spandex-clad anorexic looking runts shivering at the start line! Here’s another odd observation. Look at NFL players sometime. Now, they essentially all workout with the same intensity for the same amount of time, their coaches see to that! Not only that, they all eat a lot of calories daily. Yet, some NFL players are tall and stringy, some are short and squat, some are huge muscle-bound powerhouses and still others are built for speed. So, if working out is the answer, why don’t all of these players look the same? Is there even a possibility that calories are not the problem? We can’t turn to doctors and scientists for the answer. All we get is more confusion. It’s funny how doctors and researchers who specialize in obesity, "Bariatric Physicians" are themselves always at odds with each other about the cause of obesity. These are the people that we expect to be able to guide us…and they can’t agree! One intriguing possibility that has just emerged at the forefront of the weight loss battle is the issue of parasites and intestinal plaque. That’s right, unknown to most of us, our intestines are full of sludgy looking plaque (gross) and maybe other, nasty parasites as well (scary and gross. These worm-like parasites are nasty looking, live in our bodies, live off-of their host (you and me) and cause havoc with our digestive tracts. It is theorized that intestinal sludge and parasites so disrupt our natural digestion that our stomach acids can’t work adequately on the food we ingest, so it just stays there, barely moving and causing even more plaque and sludge. How do we get parasites in our bodies? And, even more importantly, how do we get rid of them? Is there a simple way to ensure we are parasite free? The good news is, there are medications, both natural and pharmaceutical, which are designed specifically to rid us of intestinal parasites and intestinal plaque. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: