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In the service enterprise, "micro knowledge" are the human resources agency – the Sohu of science and technology human resources SaaS platform "micro" announced the completion of $30 million B round of financing, financial investment led by Jingdong, IDG capital, investment, capital, force Chung Hua CRE capital early investors with the cast, this round of financing is mainly used for the market expansion. Custom ERP started, do not do something the human resource agency’s work is divided into two categories, a class called transactional outsourcing, make the enterprise pay social security, provident fund management, salary and welfare on behalf of this administrative examination work transferred to the intermediary companies to solve; the other called business process outsourcing (BPO), for example the company’s overall outsourcing from the front, to provide staff salaries are transferred to the intermediary company. Comparatively speaking, the latter is more important than the former. A human resources agency (hereinafter referred to as "the organization") to service enterprises, enterprises have hundreds of employees, that is to say, through a number of employees at the level of tens of thousands of institutions. The way to increase the profit of the organization is to lay more manpower to serve more enterprises, to a certain extent, human resources has become a densely populated industry. Micro knowledge aimed at this part of the market, they believe that the increase in profit can be made on improving efficiency. From the beginning of 2009, known as micro human resource agencies provide a customized ERP system, the service of the more than and 100 institutions, these institutions branch outlets add up to 382 City covering 31 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide, probably accounted for 90% of the regional market coverage. "But we don’t have to know the micro expansion, founder Hu Jianglong said," because each city to enjoy the policy is not the same, so our early strategy is a city to find a mechanism to cover the landing surface, is not deep." It is understood that the micro knowledge customization process, from the demand for research, to the project implementation, and then to the final delivery takes about 3 months, of which only 5-6 of the demand is universal. SaaS budding in the country, can be connected to the outside world in 2012, micro know to get about 8000000 yuan Angel round of investment. During this period, the industry has gradually surfaced ills. Countries for the provinces and cities of the human resources policy changes frequently, each adjustment, micro knowledge will need to change the relevant national system parameters. Not only is the micro knowledge, the traditional software outsourcing company is the development of the project system, a one-time delivery, ignoring the ability of the software to sustainable services, and the needs of the human resources industry is constantly changing. Hu Jianglong said at the time, industry conditions, even if the UF, Kingdee software, delivered in half a year after the face use down the problem. From another point of view, it also confirms why SaaS will rise. Around 2012, SaaS entered the embryonic stage in china. Micro knowledge is also an occasion in 2013 published the first edition of SaaS products, iKnow, undoubtedly, the degree of standardization of the product, depending on the previous local deployment experience. After the product SaaS, the delivery cycle is shortened too much, registered account, experience 1-2 training can be used.相关的主题文章: