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.puters-and-Technology What do we know about IP Cameras? These nifty little devices are known by a many different names. IP camera, Network Camera, etc. In layman’s terms, or to be more precise, in non .puter nerd terms, an IP Camera is basically a type of security or surveillance camera. We all know about Network Cameras even if we don’t actually have one of our own, or have even ever really used one. Your basic Network Camera (we’re going to be using smart people lingo in this article so get used to it) is a device that can stand on its own and can transmit everything from audio to video. There are some Network Cameras that will transmit video, but not audio, and it really depends on how much money you’re willing to spend on the gadget that helps determine all that it can do. They can be used for fairly innocent purposes like making sure the nanny is treating the children fairly or checking behind the help to see if they’ve slipped away any of the good silverware. These devices are also used as part of the security measures for high tech homes and businesses. Yes, those cameras that you see outside of security gates in movies are a type of Network Camera. Whether they’re used to check up on your home, your business, or even the government, the use of these useful little surveillance models just proves the point that there are many different aspects of a Network Camera that not everyone knows, let alone appreciates. You won’t be able to take over the world or anything, but you can surely start taking advantage of all of the benefits offered. With the help of your standard network cable, a Network Camera can send whatever it’s receiving to your .puter or television. There’s a web server that’s built into the Network Camera that allows it to be used without a PC. Hence the nifty security camera idea. The way that Network Cameras differ from CCTV security cameras, which were the more traditional choices not too long ago, is that with a Network Camera you can have wireless connectivity since the feed from the video is sent directly from the device rather than using a cable as the proxy, or go-between. Network Cameras are also preferred over other types of security surveillance because while they are much less of a hassle, not to mention expense, than other devices. When you consider the fact that you’re getting a tool that offers motion detection features, can pan and tilt in any direction, has infrared, facial recognition, advanced megapixel technology, two way audio, and analog output and all at half the price of other security cameras, it’s no wonder why Network Cameras are increasingly popular in that area of surveillance. Now, if you’re not James Bond and want to use your own Network Camera for normal pursuits, then one of the best parts about a Network Camera for you will be the fact that installation disks and the like are obsolete. For all the technologically awkward individuals out there, this should .e as some pretty good news since you just need to stick the cable in and start it up. Convenient right? Especially since, once the Network Camera is .bined with your inter. browser, the camera can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere, over the inter. which makes whatever security measures that much easier since you can access them from anywhere. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: