Apply for a new visa to the United States to apply for a new passport passport photos are not

Visa application for the formal implementation of the new regulations take passport photo Beijing not to wear glasses – China overseas network on 2 November, according to the U.S. Chinese network quoted the New York daily news, November 1st this year, the United States passport photos above will have new regulations, can not wear glasses. In addition to passports, all foreign passport holders to apply for a visa to the United States foreign applicants, the application materials provided by the photos are not allowed to wear any glasses. The United States Department of state stressed the need to comply with the provisions of passport photos. Last year, the State Council received more than 200 thousand invalid passport photos, resulting in delays in the application, may affect travel. These "unacceptable" passport photograph of the main issues include photos, too dark or too bright shade shines on the face, the photo is over six months old photos, photo size does not match the rules, when taking too close or too far away, or is fuzzy, rough, pixel resolution is low, or photos in low quality paper. Glasses tend to produce light, regardless of whether the camera flash, this is a big problem. The State Council said that the future passport photos can no longer wear glasses. The State Council recommended if you have to wear glasses, wear concealed glasses, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble. Attachment: U.S. passport and visa photos require U.S. passport applicants need to submit 1 passport photos. Photos must meet the following basic requirements, otherwise the application will not be accepted. 1 photos must be within the last 6 months to shoot the 2 photo size is 2×2 inches (5×5 cm) vertical dimension 3 applicants head must be 1 inches to 38 inches (1 cm 2.5-3.5) between the 4 must have a white background. 5 must be on the camera, revealing the ears. Each passport or visa applicant’s photo must be a recent (recent 6 months) no border front photos. "Positive" photo refers to the camera when the applicant is facing the camera. Applicants can not look down or squint, the face of 50% of the entire photo. Although it is difficult to define the "face" strictly because of the difference in the hair or the hood, but in general, it refers to the head of the applicant, including the face and hair, from top to bottom, to the left and right sides. If the ear is better. The key requirement is that the applicant can be clearly identified through photos. The photo size is 2×2 inches (length of approximately 50 mm square), living in the middle of head. Head (from head to Chin) between 1 inches to 1 inches (i.e., between 25 and 35 mm), the distance between the eye and the bottom of the photo is between 1 and 18 inches to 1 inches (i.e., between 28 and 35 mm) at the bottom of the image, which is about 38 inches. Color or black and white photographs of white background. Photos should be no border. Photos should be placed on or affixed to the form of DS-82 (PDF-303KB) or DS-11 (PDF-380KB) (U.S. passport application), or the corresponding DS-156 (non immigrant visa application) (PDF-159KB) form. If the photo is bound, the nails must be kept away from the applicant’s face. Such as the background of the photo clutter, a pattern or.相关的主题文章: