Apple’s acquisition of Karen reasonable car or just a small plan-ppbox

Apple’s acquisition of Mai Karen or just the small car perfectly logical and reasonable plan [editor’s note] technology Tencent Apple Corp is considering traced to spend $1 billion 500 million acquisition of British luxury car manufacturer Karen (McLaren), although both sides denied. But the British BBC author analysis, there are many compelling reasons to support apple to do so. We all know that apple is developing automotive technology. Whether Apple is to launch a real car products, but it did in the past few years to recruit a large number of automotive industry experts. At the same time, apple is also investing heavily in technology, including China to carpool service travel drops $1 billion. The trip has been so dominant in the Chinese market that Uber has to admit that there are not many opportunities in china. Karen said in a statement, the company did not discuss any potential investment with apple. The statement also said: in view of the nature of our brand, we often need to hold secret talks with the parties, but we need to keep these talks confidential." But some people believe that apple and Karen has at least a preliminary cooperation intention, after all, has been an informal discussion. The news is the financial times first broke out, apple spent $3 billion acquisition of Beats headphones, but also the newspaper broke the news. Although the financial times cautious statement, the source is not sure: after Apple changed the automotive project strategy, whether still interested in the acquisition of Karen. In the "Financial Times" broke the news shortly after the video appeared on Facebook, rapper Dr. Dre had drunk that he became the first billionaire hip-hop history". I don’t know Karen Ron, founder of, · (Ron Dennis), but I suspect he may also follow the footsteps of Dr. Dre. Apple Corp has always been known for strict secrecy, until its plans are ready, we will know the exact message. Apple Corp’s car project is still in its infancy, and Tesla, Google (micro-blog) and other companies have been on the road. Apple has never been particularly worried about losing the first mover advantage, but those who have already obtained the upper hand opponent should be vigilant and careful to repeat the mistakes of NOKIA and blackberry. Recently, Apple has taken many projects around the car, including fanpin Apple veteran Bob · Mansfield (Bob Mansfield) in charge of the project. Inside apple, Mansfield is a trustworthy figure. He was Apple’s chief Hardware Engineer, retired a few years ago, is responsible for overseeing the development of smart watches apple. Now, there are reports that hundreds of Apple employees involved in automotive projects need to report to Mansfield. Negotiations with Mai Karen can be seen as a major strategic move for Mansfield, a move that could bring Apple’s expertise and culture needed to build a car. · (Holder), a leading British car magazine "Autocar", Holder (Jim), said: "in the automotive industry, almost all companies to develop new cars are 7 to. But Michael Karen’s speed.相关的主题文章: