Apple launched four new year TV ads full year full of sincerity

apple "new year made" ad


do you remember the apple in the Spring Festival last year before the launch of an ad? Musician Jonathan Lee and his apprentice, Li Jianqing Ann white took the iPad Pro music, with songs of spring are all familiar with "Congratulations" as the main theme, adding pop music elements make the advertising art and warm.

apple this year is no exception, there are two weeks away from the arrival of the Spring Festival when the launch of the theme of the new year, a series of commercials. The series consists of four commercials, titles are "color, aroma and taste", "good omen", "family portrait", "fish every year".

can be seen from the title, the four advertising films have a thick Chinese flavor". "Color, aroma and taste" described in the mother of the son see text in dynamic expression with "chicken", as the son of a good-looking and delicious package "chicken" Steamed Buns, stressed iMessage expression package function. A good omen describes when someone else is still using a ladder to hang lanterns, a young man with the application of iPhone can operate the UAV easily put up the lantern, a bit of science and technology to change the meaning of life.

stressed that the "family portrait" is iPhone in the camera and modify the picture function. Started the family portrait’s grandfather was not too happy, but to see the photo of the little granddaughter with iPhone special modifications or a smile. Finally, a "fish every year" is a description of a female "officer shoveled shit" for his cat iPad Pro painting can be a cat with a paper fish, China spring greetings "fish every year".

and Apple’s previous advertising films, these four advertising films in the emphasis on Chinese elements have done enough effort. From the beginning of 2015, Apple launched a new year advertising in China, but at the time of the advertising film "Chinese element" expression is more subtle. At that time, the title of the advertising for the old record, is about the granddaughter heard a recording of her grandmother when she was young, after the adaptation of the song and then put iPad to grandma listening to the warmth of the story. But in addition to a few Chinese characters, almost can not see the more obvious Chinese elements". Jonathan Lee’s "send you a new year song", in addition to "Congratulations", the rest of the Chinese element is not obvious. Foreigners to see these two commercials should be no obstacle to understand.

but this year’s four advertising films into a lot of Chinese cultural things, such as "color, aroma, taste" in the "new year home", "good omen" in the symbol of the new year’s lantern". Every year there are fish in the ad has been given a new meaning, but the Chinese users understand there is no obstacle, enough to see Apple’s sincerity in the Chinese market.

In addition to the introduction of

TV commercials, apple this year around the new year;