Anny my cousin Liu Wen teaches you how to throw flirtatious goods are ten street!

Anny: my cousin Liu Wen teaches you how to throw flirtatious goods are ten street! Now the true goddess who not only good-looking, but also a grade, dressed, can set the pose, will take the house special love soap ~ cousin travel, micro-blog PO often play around photos, but is not the same as in the United States according to the outside and my cousin who is this sexy goods, a resplendent with variegated coloration universe in a clean, very comfortable ~ seductive cousin take soap skills forever cousin photo most in the green mountains and rivers is mountains and rivers, the so-called spring facing the sea, occasionally go to the beach for a walk, the mood will become sunny, on a trip to the heart to feel God’s natural aroma ~ although Super hemp bean cousin but privately, most dressed as a simple and comfortable, sometimes looks like a young female students. Shooting style shooting style is the most love King villain, deliberately weakening himself, quite artistic conception of Da, a look that is the love life of the girls, and those who take no matter what was always love face propped up 34 pictures of friends is not the same ~ photos tonal will not be very strong, will make people forget. So how will love the sea cousin miss every sunrise and sunset, the light effect is the best. Cousin plants use props love close to the natural cousin private photos and ultimately green plants and flowers, always use these as shooting props. Cousin also accompany the plant went through the spring and summer and autumn and winter ~ bag is the focus of the film has not been found in the mud Meng, the house where the cousin likes to put the bag placed in the most prominent position! Become the most important shooting props! Even if it does not make face to let the bag into the mirror, comfortable and soft ERDOS sweaters, yellow Celine bags were warm the sunset in the grass, the whole collocation and environment color’s harmony ~ the latest LV, Celine blue bag, it seems every beauty of the girls are dedicated to bags! Good figure to show is clean, but a good figure is absolutely not hide, cousin house covered in warm affinity and good temperament from the inside. Another group of dew cousin ~ more room not devoid of innocence to do clean and maintain a childlike innocence, my cousin saw a wall to stop a photo, all kinds of weird facial expressions do to catch a knock ~ cute cousin ~ carrying machine cat small cloth bag to go to Nara look at the deer ~ feel develop a life after all this stream is not a grade, because they understand the life ~ cousin has to count down house fly round the world, leisure travel, let your eyes and mind become more open, good temperament is imperceptibly develop sauce ~ but not all da cousin when is this the quiet, although usually love riding a small sheep, they will open up the bicycle ~ wild mountain in the mire Motorcycle! You’ve never seen it! ]相关的主题文章: