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Coffee Having too much coffee could be harmful to one’s health; but with the right amount it may even promote a healthier diet, especially if it is made from organic coffee. There are countless coffee lovers around the world. Whether in waking up as the sun rises, trying to stay up in the office, or merely keeping warm in a cold weather, coffee is there. Many variants and flavors to choose from are already available in the market. Many coffee drinkers would probably prefer decaffeinated drinks. With this kind of coffee, the caffeine (which could be harmful upon too much intake) content present in the coffee beans could be 100% removed. There is also gourmet coffee which is .bined with both natural and synthetic spices, such as vanilla, cinnamon and others during the roasting process. These coffee drinks sure taste good, however, many chemicals and artificial flavors could be used throughout its processing and production which could be harmful to one’s health and the environment. Now, this is when the organic coffee beans .e into picture. The beans are actually the coffee cherry nuts. These seeds are sun-dried. Afterward, its outer skin is removed to finally reveal the bean. These organic beans are then sorted based on its size and density-if a coffee bean is heavy, it is of good quality. These beans are then roasted light, medium, dark or espresso style. Light roasting takes only five to seven minutes. The process stops when the green coffee beans pop for the first time. At that point, the beans have changed its color between yellowish to light brown shade while its size has doubled. There is still a bit of sourness in its flavor, yet in this kind of roasting is when the original flavor of coffee beans is tasted the most. On the other hand, medium roasting could be .pleted from nine to eleven minutes. The coffee beans start to shrink in size and its color is also be.ing darker. It .es with a sweet taste like milk chocolate because the sugary content of the coffee has also came out. In dark roasting, the coffee beans are further heated until twelve to thirteen minutes to let all its sugar develop. The coffee beans are burned, thus provide a smoky and rich tasting coffee. When the roasting process reaches until fourteen minutes, the coffee beans will be appropriate for making espresso coffee with a strong smoky flavor. These are harvested from a growing method that is all-natural, and so it is healthy for the planet. Besides that no chemicals and other substances are being deposited to the plant and the soil which is foremost beneficial to the environment, deforestation cases are also being reduced because canopy of trees are being used to boost up the maturity process of the crops, instead of screens and buildings. Choosing naturally-grown coffee is beneficial to a healthier lifestyle of coffee drinkers. And obviously, these organic coffee beans also .e with a fresher and better taste Than beans grown with pesticides. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: