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Analysts: the market opening and upside pattern is expected to rebound high – early breakthrough in new network analysts: the market upside open mode early breakthrough rebound high point the day and await for it CNR net Beijing on October 25th news, according to voice of the economy "live trading" reported that the 10 year bond futures T1612 yesterday fell 0.32%, its biggest one-day decline for two months, what the relationship of the current A shares? Is it really the last chance to get on the train before the end of the year? Stock index station last year, a large level of money to the market? "WeChat" live trading circle of friends, analysts and commentators constantly hot: Securities chief investment adviser Zhang Deliang: on Monday, the Shanghai index a candle from the technical point of view it is of great significance, reflected in the first, for the first time closing index closing above the 250 day moving average is in line, now cleared the 250 day moving average, shows that the trend in significantly strong, this is one of the most important technology on turning. Second, there is obvious hot market, namely around debt, mix change, PPP the three major reform and expansion, but also leads to the whole in the big market of active species, which helps the whole market index upside again. So I think in the technical level has reversed the original pattern of the downward trend of weakness, coupled with a very clear theme of the hot spots, especially in the large market value of varieties to find a theme for the reform of repeated excavation. So in the short term will also show a state of shock upward, the attack target is a position of the beginning of the fuse trading interval, about 3300 to 3500 interval. As the market has not yet entered the profit driven, with the theme of reform as the core, so that the theme of reform is more of a kind of confidence to promote, once the market volume of funds can not keep up, it will have a lot of pressure to adjust. Again fell little impact on the A shares now, A shares have formed their own independent momentum, while on the formation of a trend, the periphery of the news and market environment as long as it is not large or a system of fluctuations, the impact on the current A stock market rose and back will not warm a. Shenwan Hong GUI Haoming Securities: Monday stock market obviously rise, the market break 3100 points. Overall upward trend in the market has been formed. Market outlook is expected to be relatively stable, we think such a market have a higher volatility trend, so can deduction as a mass market, mainly depends on two factors, the first is to further improve the ability of flow, second is the theme pattern field at present, if only the stock market the LED, 28 more serious phenomenon, is not conducive to the overall market to break up. Fu Shaoqi: from the plate, indeed, PPP, as well as the prefix of debt to equity swap these hot continuous ability is relatively strong, so the whole market can see the high line. Small cap stocks also have the opportunity, as long as investors grasp the fundamentals, policy aspects, technical aspects of the situation, the medium-term upward opportunity is there. Gem index is still on the rise in the level of space on the line, so both the subject matter or blue chip have a chance. Peking University business.相关的主题文章: