Amauri in Palau Wonderland Third Blue Hole quest, blue storm angle

at the beginning of the blue hole (Blue hole), had heard rumours about the blue hole, through several openings at the top of the sun shone like light staggered, through a huge window, shining into an empty and dusty years old house; and as a sacred solemn Jesus according to, confused and empty heart. The cave is a secret garden, foot 2-3 football field area, wall and offshore fault figured, the two close to the entrance, visitors are called the eye of the devil.

in the blue hole is more than 30 meters deep where there is a small cave, is said to be the tomb there are two turtles, turtle shell, was covered with thick dust, looked grim and mysterious, as if to say what. Many years ago, there was a potential conduction band with the students in the dive when the inexplicable death. After hearing this news, I have been thinking, the turtle is very long and full of intelligent creatures, thousands of years of the eighty thousand year of King turtle, it chooses to rest, you should be extremely Yin, divine should not be disturbed, especially women, I’m afraid I can’t bear the cold gas where.

because of the legendary basalt, the north, the main water yin. Xuanwu is the ancient myths and legends of the beast, belong to one of the four images in the traditional culture, the four is the dragon, white tiger, rosefinch, Xuanwu four sacred.

started it is representative and the seven northern places Zhuanxu animal from pre Qin times to the Han Dynasty, and the theory of the five elements began to rise, its symbolic meaning was nonanoic decanoic and winter.

according to the theory of Yin-Yang and five elements, the north is water, so the North God is the God of water.

"after the Han Wang Liang Chuan": "Xuanwu, the name of god". The integrated "volume six" rehabilitation "riverside": "the seven northern gods of the night, solid starts fighting, north of the town, the main rain". The rain is all required for growth, and water fire, so the water god Xuanwu attribute, quite attention and folk beliefs.

but from a scientific point of view, we suspect that they do not have the potential to drill the hole related training experience, do not know how to lay out the hole and other professional knowledge and self rescue ability, leading to lost. Or more than 30 meters deep in the sea to stay too long, such as accidental death caused by nitrogen drunk.

anyway, I hope the turtle cemetery is not disturbed, Diving Tour people also successfully returned.

for the blue hole, I also met several hotties from Shanghai blue hole free diving, and for dinner, everyone happy;