After the tangle of two children books Can you afford it segotep

After the tangle of two children books:? Can you afford it? Because the accident was pregnant with a second child, Chen Jingyi, a quiet life to a small "earthquake". Even more surprising is that she threw the whole family, health, or not, this problem, no one is willing to take the first position. After a short period of awkward silence, her husband broke the deadlock to kick the ball back: "look at you, I will support you!" A 2 year old grandson to the side after feeding her with "well", never interrupted. And she did not emboldened. A series of practical problems, in the eyes of Wang: she and her husband are ordinary workers, the monthly wages of raising a child is what can’t save money; mother’s body is not good, there are nearly 90 year old grandmother who need to take care of her time, and has been the great grandson of lack of body wrapped around the score; herself, just spent 1 years managed to "chase" back during pregnancy and childbirth falling state, to return to the company lineup…… Such embarrassment and tangled, not only in the Chen Jingyi family. For the "four" 80 generation, the experience of the growth of the only child of loneliness, most eager to give the next generation of a company’s childhood, but a variety of reality, but a lot of people flinch. This year, the Tianjin Municipal Women’s Federation in "survey, current situation and demand of city construction in Tianjin on the family," is willing to have a two child were investigated on problems found that over 6% of the people agree with the two child; however, asked what will be born two children, 72.4% said they did not want to regenerate, and some hesitating, and expressed willingness to students accounted for only 16.12%. In other words, the vast majority of families do not want to regenerate two children. Afterwards: afford? Take it with you? Money is an unavoidable problem. According to the Tianjin Municipal Women’s Federation, that "economic burden" and "too much effort", become the two major obstacles to people want to give birth to two children born in the most realistic. Among them, 48.72% of people think that more than one child to raise the economic burden is too heavy. So, how much does it cost to raise a child? In fact, many enthusiastic users had broken heart, calculate the many versions of the baby books. Some direct shouted "first 1 million, second regeneration" slogan; also some really made a detailed plan: for example, lessons from early childhood fancies of men of letters cram school, has been to university graduates; from the first export of imported milk powder to date, and his pregnant every day to eat, can also add imported fruits inside; and in one step, the future two children need to change the cart for a big house, all the money is added…… The more you think, the regeneration of a certain reduction in the quality of life." The 33 year old Dong Shanshan was born rich, do not spend money. She is very beautiful, like to buy brand-name bags, but also like to gather with a group of friends from time to time to eat a meal, a tour. Her point of view in the friends also won a lot of support, women can not be a child slave, a child must have their own lives." She spent 6000 yuan please the parental per month, to help her mother at home with children; then the private kindergarten children to more than 7000 yuan per month. Children eat, use, are directly to the相关的主题文章: