After the old man fell into the river drowning man quietly

The old man accidentally fell into the water to save the river after leaving quietly – Beijing reporter intern reporter Chen Haifeng Liu Mengke Shangqiu newspaper the morning of November 14th, Shangqiu, a more than and 70 year old man accidentally fell into the city of Shangqiu in the morning passed here Baohe, after seeing the man Li Yunqi immediately jumped into the icy river, the old man rescued. Due to the timely rescue, the elderly have been All is well. At 5:30 on the morning of November 14th, Shangqiu city resident Li Yunqi out as usual go to run, when they ran to the nearby Shangqiu City Cultural Road Baohe bridge, see a lot of people in the crowd. He was curious to come forward to watch and found an old man floating in the river, the location of the elderly more than 20 meters away from the river, the situation is very critical. "The water is too cold, the old man will not stand up, hurry to save ah." The crowd There were many discussions. Li Yunqi see the old man is very dangerous, he immediately took off his coat, tied a rope in his waist, jumped into the river, struggling to swim to the drowning man. "Drowning man wearing a coat, very heavy, to prevent the elderly under water, the river enters the mouth, my hand holding the old, one hand holding the old man’s head, some people pull the rope hard pull to the shore." Li Yunqi said the drowning man was rescued ashore, was immediately rushed to hospital for treatment. Li Yunqi shivered with cold, picked up his clothes and ran home. The scene of the masses and the police asked the name and contact way, Li Yunqi waved their hands, unwilling to disclose, they immediately leave the scene. Onlookers told reporters that the river water depth of three or four meters, the weather is so cold that the river is so cold, can jump to save, not too simple. Li Yunqi save lives drowning old things to get everyone’s praise, everyone said to find rescue men praised his courageous behavior. After looking for that afternoon, we finally found the man to save Li Yunqi. This is supposed to do, really nothing, we do not known only in order to do this, the most important people, as long as the person’s okay." Li Yunqi said.相关的主题文章: