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After the health care reform, there are two down to two liters phenomenon! Pharmacy or face the most embarrassing situation – Sohu health pharmaceutical industry are subscribing to us, what do you hesitate?. On the other hand, it is difficult to get rid of prescription, while the prescription must be sold prescription drugs. Although some policies to encourage the outflow of hospital prescription, but the current situation is still not ideal. Since June 1st this year, the reform of public hospitals in Shandong officially opened the curtain, now the new medical reform has been implemented over one hundred days, for ordinary patients, to the hospital to buy medicine really cheap? Patient burden? "After the reform, there are two down two liters phenomenon, that is, to reduce the cost of patient drug large equipment inspection fee is reduced, operation expenses, nursing expenses increased." A third person in charge of the hospital, the overall burden should be reduced. However, note that, although the prices really drop, but the operation fee rose more, in the past some 3000 yuan to finish the surgery today rose 1500 yuan. At the Shandong public medical reform plan, clearly put forward the implementation of drug zero price, "public hospitals canceled drug addition (Chinese herbal medicine except), all zero sales slip, effectively reduce the burden of patients with medication". Zero slip is a reference to government procurement online purchase prices, according to the original purchase price sales, prices are in the purchase price on the basis of further increase of not more than 15%, now the 15% increase all profit to the masses. "Since the implementation of zero plus nearly three months of drug, visited a number of public hospital and Qilu Hospital of Shandong University hospital, Qianfo Hill Province, found that hypertension and diabetes need long-term medication in patients with chronic disease to enjoy a lot of benefits. According to a hospital responsible person confirmed that the implementation of drug zero price policy, is to further reduce the medical cost of these patients, according to a rough calculation, the implementation of drug zero addition, per capita outpatient will reduce the drug price of about 17 yuan, per capita hospitalization will reduce the price of medicines is about 300-400 yuan. In fact, in addition to Shandong, there are many areas have also implemented medicine Zero spreads policy, as a result, the hospital drug price, many consumers will be directly from the hospital medication, resulting in pharmacy business more difficult. But Shi Lichen has said, in addition to the zero profit drug, is on the regional hospital of medicine accounted for the provisions of the so-called drug proportion is the hospital unit time total drug revenues accounted for the proportion of total revenue hospital. For example, if the drug proportion is 35%, then the doctor in time if prescribing drugs accounted for more than this value, will recommend patients to other hospitals or pharmacies have good docking, at this point, in fact, pharmacies can also find opportunities to medical institutions and higher level of cooperation. But then again, there are also related industry insiders said, the hospital pharmacy and drug product structure is completely different, the hospital in retail pharmacies few varieties, it is the two sales system, hospital varieties are not allowed to enter the retail system, there are many reasons, manufacturers do not support, not a doctor support, consumers also do not support. )相关的主题文章: