After 59 years the same position for Shenyang photo seven siblings envy neighbor (Figure) –

After 59 years the same position for Shenyang photo seven siblings (Figure) – envy neighbor Beijing in September 22nd, Heping District eight Street Po ring community activity room, choir rehearsal schedule. Before the start of the rehearsal, residents in the Guifu over packet from music, two photos had been brought out. The choir’s partners all over the place, looked surprised, then cast envious eyes. What is the picture that attracted everyone? What’s the story behind the photo? Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter interviewed. The first photo, she is 16 years old the first photo is a black-and-white photograph of the old photos, 7 people are children according to their appearance, height and the size, neatly lined up in a row, the lower photo written date is 1957. Look at this picture, Guifu to get back 59 years ago. "Our family is a big family, parents have a total of 7 children, 3 sons and daughters of the 4. When I took this picture, I was 16 years old, was reading junior high school, so far I still clearly remember the scene when the photo shoot. My family has been in the central area of the community, the original is a large cottage. 3 houses, a total of about more than and 60 square meters, with our parents, our children, 9 people crowded live. Parents are strict with us, especially in the field of learning, the neighbors all know in every family, the wind is a good tutor." Photos of the day is the Mid Autumn Festival, in Guifu father invited a friend to take photos, he bought from abroad to the camera, let the brothers and sisters was arranged according to the size, leaving this precious photo. "All neatly stand, the chest rise, dignified and imposing." Yu Guifu said that his father in the photo to the children said this sentence, she still fresh. Even after 59 years, it still feels like yesterday. Second photos, her 75 year old Yu Guifu’s mother died early, after that day, Father Bear bitter hardships bring up 7 children. Therefore, the father’s words and deeds have a greater impact on children. Yu Guifu said: after the death of his mother, the father of a person’s income to support our 7 children, in the cause of small achievements, he was a famous Shenyang tofu king. My father is also a Shenyang Municipal People’s Congress, we are proud of him!" In Gui Fu’s memory, his father is not only good at words, but also with their own actions to teach children positive, we live out their own value, credit to themselves and their families. Yu Guifu memories, that’s life more difficult, old clothes to pass down to fill to fill, sometimes wear to the seven body. That’s the kind of family where 3 of the 7 kids go to college. In Guifu impression, brothers and sisters in addition to doing housework, is constantly learning. Time flies, brothers and sisters have formed their own family, but the deep feelings never change, something someone will help, 7 small family is like a big family like harmony. Yu Guifu’s father died at the age of 96, so long and children care and warm family environment. September 3rd this year, is the 3 anniversary of the death of his father’s father’s day, brothers and sisters together again, photo相关的主题文章: