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Self-Improvement I’ve spent my lifetime being a woman of size. The whole process left me feeling extremely vulnerable and incapable of doing anything about it. I knew I certainly wasn’t responsible for it! Growing up, I thought the problem could be blamed on heredity. Along the way, I developed a strong distaste for my father’s nagging me about it, so I decided to blame him for it. And of course, there is always food. Yeah, let’s make food the culprit. Or the lack of exercise. That’s a good one too. Or metabolism. How I yearned to have low thyroid so that could fix the problem. Baby fat. They promised me I’d grow out of it during puberty. It never happened. None of those issues was to blame. It took me years and years of searching for the right answer to stop the madness and what I discovered absolutely astonished me. I discovered that it was my thinking fat that was causing the fat. Nothing else. As I look back through my life from my senior status elevation, I can see that obesity was the main catalyst in my search for understanding about myself and about life. I’m so grateful that I had it to keep the fires lit under me and keep me searching for the truth and for a solution. Seek, and ye shall find. And I did. I discovered that life is solely a mental experience. There is only you, thinking. That’s all there ever has been. It is the invisible, underlying cause behind all the experiences and events of your life, because it is true that what you think is precisely what you get. So you get to be responsible for all of it and in particular, you get to be responsible for your size. This is a really good thing. Because you are in charge of your thinking, you can absolutely do something about being a woman of size. You can change the way you think about yourself. Here are some ways to begin focusing within your sweet self: – Observe your mind when it is thinking about itself. – Classify the way you think about your self as positive or negative. – Look for trends. Mainly positive? Mostly negative? – Which of the classifications would you want to change. – Write down some specifically positive ideas you would prefer to think. – If you observe that you are thinking the way you always have, resolve right then to change that to your newer ideas. – Analyze how you think of your self and body and your a thin girlfriend think of hers. What is the difference. – Try thinking as she does. (It might be un.fortable at first but persevere.) Only you can change you. Only you can be responsible for thinking your thoughts. Only you can free yourself from the thoughts you now think that are creating your fat body. Only you are responsible for your big size and the kind of thinking that created it. I know in my heart that you are the right woman and that the job is doable. It might, however, require some work. You’re the woman of size who can stop the madness. Imagine: if the 65% of Americans who are obese began to use mental methods to own the responsibility for their condition, what might happen? Let’s find out! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: