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A smart pick Shishou addicts identity card room "that will give oneself away" exposed his identity card to open the room, Hubei Shishou City "addict" Yi who use pick up others identity card to open the room, who still brought the police arrested him. In September 20th, sent forced isolation treatment for two years to a face said: "this is a small smart provoke a big trouble, and deserve to enter the palace." September 15th, who lives in Shishou City City 48 year old Yi intended to go to the hotel room in August fifteen. Remember he had repeatedly been punished because of drug abuse, the day before and smoked drugs, may be called in the police with their own ID card to open the room, a thought of a Gongan County man Zhang picked up shortly before the ID card, can take out when the cover, so excitedly holding identity cards to a Hotel open the room. Hotel front desk staff found that the age of the ID card is 1982, and the eyes of this uncle apparently inconsistent, they questioned. Easy that is their own, the front desk staff will not refuse to go through the formalities for him. Into the room to a help for his cleverness immensely proud. A few minutes later, Yi inadvertently looked toward downstairs, the gate of Discovery Inn Hotel a police car, despite the use of identity cards, but guilty of an easy still determined to hide. When he closed the door to the stairs, the police were on the stairs. When the police interrogation, Yi Mou quoted Zhang name to muddle through, who knows the name of a newspaper was the police down, handcuffed and a police car. In Shishou City Public Security Bureau police station embroidered Lin, easily learned, he picked up and used the identity card master Zhang is Xiu Lin chase suspects at large online internet police station. Despite the wash off the identity of the fugitive, but a drug addiction is easy to prove, was forced to send a separate drug treatment for two years. Concerned about the big Chu Jingzhou, exquisite gift waiting for you to come!相关的主题文章: