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"A scallion cake" will decide on what path to follow? The old man said don’t want to move again – Beijing, also because of undocumented unlicensed operation, "a scallion cake" and "fat aunt Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings" which contains a public emotion of "old Chengxiang alley delicacy" continues to cause concern. In the face of rectification, the situation is different because of their different nature, "fat aunt Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings" for urban matchmaking nuebu 300 meters can be re opened, "a scallion cake" may be due to the physical condition, where the operators rent and other factors difficult to continue — known as the three or four in the morning it was up to BBC (Broadcasting British Corporation, fame) to shoot a documentary "a Welsh Onion cake stalls thing.". Reporters yesterday informed that due to license management problems, "O" (formerly known as Wu Gencheng, because the family boss said, "O") has been interviewed Huangpu District regulators, ordered its immediate closure. If you can not apply for the relevant license, is likely to be banned. At this time, a distance reopened in September 20th but the onion cake for 6 days. Previously, a large foreign said that because of the hot summer, the short two months out of business. Unlicensed operation at least ten years? The "Morning News" reported that in April 9, 2014, a cake stall of the earliest Welsh onion in Nanchang on the road in the market, in 2003 moved to Maoming south alley in Maoming road and Nanchang road junction. According to reports, a Welsh Onion cake history can be traced back to 1982, has been 34 years. Reporter from Huangpu District relevant regulatory authorities understand that now a cake in Maoming South Road on the green business premises belonging to the non commercial properties, unable to handle the related certificates. If the relevant reports of the time accurate, this means that a Welsh Onion cake operating without license may at least a dozen years. Huangpu District relevant supervision departments of law enforcement officers said, for a Welsh Onion cake shop license management, supervision department has already mastered, considering a large physical disability, early family distress, has always taken a more humane and regulatory initiatives are generally several interviews, and ordered the rectification shall be ordered to suspend business or. In fact, this summer, is closed for two months, because of the summer is not hot, but because of the market supervision department received a complaint, "onion cake business. However, the final results and past regulation many times the same, a big business for a while, reopened. The law enforcement officials said, if strictly follow the "food safety law" law enforcement, a large Baked Scallion Pancake will be difficult to continue. According to reports, the regulatory authorities interviewed a harsh attitude, because a large "incorrigible", two is because a cake of oil fume, noisy and green security risks, have been repeated complaints. Is a "break" or retreat? Reporters learned that the district supervisory department will have provided a large actual situation and the relevant supervision and complaint information to the neighborhood, they suggested from poverty alleviation perspective, in the vicinity of the Welsh Onion cake to find a now rent can be accepted, and can handle the license of legitimate business premises, that Shanghai has quite the scallion cake the popularity of "red delicacy" continue. But consumers worried, opened the more than and 10 year old Maoming road to shake相关的主题文章: