A real estate agent in America for 4 years to kill 7 people suspected of crimes were imprisoned in B-stellarium

A real estate agent in America for 4 years to kill 7 people suspected of crimes were detected in captivity – new network [Global Times reported] detained on suspicion of a woman’s real estate broker Cole HEMPEL turned out to be a serial killer. According to the "New York Times" reported on 6, South Carolina Spartanburg County Sheriff chuck? White said the evening of 5, Kerr Hepp Staw Bhai in 2003, he killed 4 people in a motorcycle shop; he also took the police came to his house to find 2 more bodies. A day earlier, the police found a man not far away from the capital of Columbia, South Carolina, Woodruff town in a housing. South Carolina police believe that Cole HEMPEL is probably the 7 murder murderer. Local 3, 2009, Kerr Hepp, a real estate agent, was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a 30 year old man named Cara, who was arrested on at the age of 45. Cara was hired before the disappearance of Kerr Hepp, for the management of the property to do cleaning work. The police searched Cole HEMPEL is located in Woodruff town houses, heard a "bang bang" sound of percussion, went into the house and found Cara "like a dog was chained to a container, time is 2 months. Rescued Cara Kerr Hepp subsequently identified the kidnapping of her, and killed her boyfriend Cafu. "This place is associated with this sort of thing, and it’s scary to think about it." Cole HEMPEL’s neighbor, said Malin, said. South Carolina law enforcement agencies revealed that they found a large number of guns and ammunition in Cole HEMPEL’s residence, including automatic rifles and pistols with silencers, etc.. Cole, state attorney, said that’s HEMPEL had more than one gun, "he was a very, very dangerous man". Spartanburg County Sheriff White said on the 5, he was pleased that, in 2003 the brutal killing of motorcycle shop 4 people finally arrested the murderer. Agence France-Presse said that there were two male employees, a female employee and her son were killed in the motorcycle shop. The case once boarded the United States veteran Hyde TV show "America’s most wanted". According to reports, Cole HEMPEL has a criminal record. According to the records, before moving to South Carolina, Kerr Hepp had a 14 year old girl raped in Arizona in November 1986, when he was only a gun at the head of the victim at the age of 15. He was jailed in 1987 to 2001. (Wang Yi)相关的主题文章: