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A man in Yueyang for 3 months, 11 cases of theft at the age of 23 for the "opera" original title: 3 months 11 23 year old man smashed cars theft had red net news Hunan MiLuo Railway Station September 21st Yueyang County, 23 year old man Hou, was sentenced for theft, after release from prison, unrepented, 3 months hit 11 crazy car theft again sentenced. Recently, Miluo City People’s court case of theft law were sentenced, the defendant houmou guilty of theft, sentenced in five years and six months, fined fifty thousand yuan. In April 26, 2011, Hou was found guilty of theft by Yueyang County People’s court sentenced in five years and six months, April 17, 2015 commuted released. After release, during the period from December 2015 to February 2016, Hou Zhou, together with the character of a (handled separately), Liang et al (at large) through consultation planning, flees to the city of Yueyang, Yueyang Tower District, Xiangyin County, Miluo City, Pingjiang county and other places, through the skid, the car hit the car glass theft of property. Among them, houmou in 11 cases of crime of theft, theft of property worth a total of 98878 yuan. The court held that the defendant houmou illegal possession for the purpose of taking multiple destructive means of secret theft of property, a huge amount, their behavior constitutes a crime of theft. The prosecutor accused the defendant houmou guilty of theft of the basic facts are clear, the evidence is reliable and sufficient basic, established charges, accurate and applicable law, the court support. The defendant houmou using destructive means of theft of property of others, causing other damage to property of others, should be severely punished. (reporter correspondent Wu Zhiyong Li Ya) video recommendation: guy burglary was arrested for more than ten years to give only the network to send a female anchor相关的主题文章: