A Luzhou woman conflicts with her husband at climb cliff xunduanjian (map) (video)-mmc.exe

A Luzhou woman conflicts with her husband at climb cliff xunduanjian (map) of the scene (respondents for map) on October 20th at 1 pm, the world light rain, Luzhou (micro-blog, WeChat) Gulin County water town known as "Mao Yan" of the steep cliff, a shadow slightly trembling in the cold wind. "Well, some people jump off the cliff!" After passing the villagers found immediately call 110 phone alarm. Water quickly alarming police station. Director Huang Hua told the Sichuan news network reporter, the scene, alarming police see the cliff a woman figure is a step forward, the situation is very dangerous. The cliff is on the side of the road, but very steep, more than 50 meters high, that is, during the day, no one climbed up. From behind the mountains can bypass, but very time-consuming." Huang Hua introduction, time constraints, can only climb up from the front. It is dangerous to climb a steep cliff because of the rain. But Huang Hua regardless of danger, colleagues in the flashlight to illuminate, step by step to climb to the top of the hill. See a more than and 30 year old woman, very emotional." Huang Huayi pulled the woman to a safe place, start patient persuasion. Originally, the woman surnamed Liang, the conflicts with her husband, think impassability to climb the mountain cliff want to commit suicide. Huayi yellow after hours of patient persuasion, Liang Moucai agreed to the mountain, but are not willing to return home. Huang Hua came to a beam, after that, the husband Wang had a verbal criticism and education, the exhortation to treat the family, then Wang Liang home. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading lovesick Metro man to commit suicide相关的主题文章: