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A love action over the top ten thousand love you pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: those things we love action parents in my memory forever in the endless bickering in my childhood, every time they will quarrel broke things, yelling and even struggling together, whenever this time I felt frightened, crying begged them to "don’t quarrel again, again grew and began to resent the vicious spiral of hate, when happy home from school, went to the door to hear their violent quarrel sound I’ll do not want to enter into the house, a man hiding in the house until the room quieted down so far. When I grow up, the parents’ quarrel still does not stop, the contradiction between them seems never to be resolved, and the old contradictions in the new contradictions will continue to breed. At that time, they often say: this day can not pass, divorce! I tried again and again after the fruitless gas said: ah, ah, you divorce, if you leave me away from home, not with any of you…… They were silent at that moment. I was extremely angry as it cannot be helped, this sentence blurted out, but when words after I was immediately worried: if parents really divorced. What should I do? So I can’t help worrying again…… But it turns out that I was so naive at the time, that they would argue again in ten minutes, completely ignoring my "threat."". Parents are the first teacher of children, their every word and action affects children’s growth, emotional cognition, cognition of the world of life. I fight this thing is anathema to parents, always regard it as a "negative" view, until adult, until his love will always remind yourself, don’t like them. Our generation of young people, compared to their parents’ love and marriage, there are many different ways of communication. The way we communicate more, we can boldly express truth rather than choose silence, there is a contradiction when we can really talk, open communication, not only with simple and crude argument to solve the contradiction – we should be more adept at dealing with emotional problems than they. But when I was in love, I suddenly realized that I had been wrong. My girlfriend of three years, sweet loving each other, no words don’t talk, don’t say that without it, cherish every meeting, treasure every parting, once vows "together" for a lifetime, also once said "I love you", but the contradiction this thing will inevitably come in one day. When the conflict comes, we have forgotten how to resolve, but always intensified. Because a word, because of a trivial matter, even because you like to eat rice she likes to eat noodles may quarrel. Even if we have to remain calm, even if we have thought of retreat, but as time goes on, more and more understand each other, the oath was forgotten, there has been only one)相关的主题文章: