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A Dalian driver backed slip car card in the air (Figure) black car rear suspension. The text newspaper reporter Tang Dongli figure chief reporter Li Chuanbao yesterday at 2 pm, Bayi Lu Qun Ying Xiang Xigang No. 16 building, a black car reversing ready to stop, due to improper operation of the rear wheel slip out of the road, hanging in the air. Reporters on the scene saw the black car chassis stuck on the edge of the road, the two rear wheels suspended, but fortunately the driver’s position has not been affected, the driver quickly get off to save themselves. According to building 16, 2 floor of Ms. Wan, she was sitting in the house heard a muffled, the wall of the house was shaking, her mother looked out of the window, I saw the black car tail hit the wall outside the window on her. The pillars of a roadside was the car from the root severing, falling below the. Trapped vehicles rescue work is very difficult, in order to avoid damage to the vehicle again, the trailer can not drag the vehicle directly, but also let the crane to lift the vehicle. The reporter noted, Qun Ying Xiang No. 16 distance is only about 1 meters high, the way out of the building has 1 floors, but the road is very steep slope. "There had been three cars in the" slip ", this is the fourth car." Live in 2 floor of Ms. Wan every time I see there are vehicles parked in the open space always on tenterhooks lest his window on the vehicle crashed into the wall rushed in. She said that last year, Xigang district urban construction departments in setting up the column, but the driver caught.相关的主题文章: