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Golf With an increasing number of women finding the pleasure of the golf course an attraction for them, it is no wonder many .panies have started targeting the female market with their product, and Ladies Golf Bags are no exception. We have to say there are some excellent examples out there that are sure to impress. Ladies golf bags tend to be lighter in weight than some of the male versions, and they are available both as cart bags and stand bags, leaving you free to choose what style you would prefer. There are some cross over bags out there too, for those who sometimes cart and sometimes walk the course. All are slightly lighter to carry, allowing for the fact that women are not always as tall as men and may find a heavier bag causing them to suffer with a bad back, neck or shoulders the next day. Added to this, the manufacturers have gone for girly’ colors to appeal more to the female player, although in fairness not all women want baby pink everywhere! That said, although some brands have gone down the stereotypical women like pink route, thankfully others have just gone for bright colors that just work together to offer a feminine look without resorting to pink, pink and more pink! We have to say that we particularly like the Precept Golf Ladies Performance cart bag. This is available in orange and white, lime green and white, or a pale purple and white, which is the true girly choice if you do like to look ultra feminine on the course. The bag itself has all the features we would expect to find. It has 14 full length pockets to keep your clubs from knocking together and getting damaged, and plenty of other pockets for tees, drinks, and valuables that you want to take with you. For those of you who just can’t let go of the whole pink style then Precept offers a seriously girly bag, mainly pink with pretty candy stripes in a rainbow of colors, and they have thoughtfully added a small handbag that matches perfectly and allows you one seamless look. If you are looking for a stand bag, fear not! There are just as many ladies golf bags out there that have the attached stand, and again there is a massive range of more feminine colors to tantalize and impress you, starting this time with that must have pink. Datrek Ladies Storm bag is nicely styled in pink and black and stands well on the course, the color matched legs coping well with any terrain. It is a mid range bag that has many of the features you would expect to find in any good stand bag, including a waterproof cover in case you get caught in a shower. Nike offers an excellent ladies stand bag that is gray and black, which looks smart without being flowery and is an excellent light weight bag for a woman who doesn’t need the girly colors as part of her kit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: