A capital operation Department in charge of the market value of 1 trillion and 270 billion treasure peepsamurai

A shares of the capital operation Department in the market value of 1 trillion and 270 billion techniques: treasure to plant system, the highest profile Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you find you three into the public, potential can be described as "horns". 20 years ago from the "Delong Empire" to the recently incorporated listed capital system prototype platform has Xu Maodong, Pudong branch cast…… Although the A stock market has changed, all capital also repeatedly staged the rise and fall of alternate tragicomedy, the role of "capital" but never absent, the expansion of its territory footsteps never stop. Things change. The new macroeconomic rhythm, A stock market continued expansion, integration of industry and capital in depth, this gave birth to a large number of private capital. But in the outside impression, A shares of all kinds of capital system has always been free from public view, dressed in the cloak of mystery low-key stealth. As the capital territory of the Department of anatomy in A shares, Shanghai securities was home to three (and above) A shares of the company as "lines" scale, general outline about 20 of private capital, the industry and the operation of the interpretation of the path behind the capital gangster. And the latest closing price, the above capital system control (or have a shareholding advantage) A shares listed platform has 70, the total market capitalization of nearly $1 trillion and 270 billion. Among them, in addition, the Department of Hainan fuxingxi, for having heard it many times, tomorrow is universal, the recent stir A market department, the Department of planting treasure and other financial capital abnormal eye-catching, and the king Zhao Ruiyong, literature, Ai Luming and a number of private head relying on industrial capital expansion, capital has become A new force suddenly rises. upstart. Interestingly, the Department of dialysis all capital operation practices, the core principle and the same age as Williams, industry integration, to maximize the mobilization of financial leverage, the implementation of resource integration and industrial expansion. However, whether it is the layout of the industrial diversification, or capital by profit game, A shares of the helm of the capital system is always in competition with rules and time. The reporter Wu Zhengyi, the capital of the Department of the old army brigade editor Sun Fang in the 20 team with three or more A shares listed on the platform of the private capital system, both down the old predators, there are tough style capital upstart. The capital of the Department of life and growth in nature, cannot do without A stock market liquidity, the continued expansion of the inexhaustible soil, is also Chinese enterprise industry diversification results, is the epitome of economic restructuring. Now, take on the A shares of capital in the waves, both down the old predators, there are tough style capital upstart. In the listed company owners are frequent cases of the A stock market (this year there are only about 50 cases), often have the capital department figure shine during. According Zhengbao information statistics, in the current 20 team with three or more A shares listed on the platform of the private capital system, there are many for having heard it many times powerhouse, for example: Guo Guangchang led the galaxy, Lu Guanqiu at the helm of the universal system and Xu Wenrong Department of Hengdian, the mysterious tomorrow etc.. Among them, especially in the HNA system "industry huge" large, it has control of Bohai holdings, Xi’an people’s livelihood, investment, tourism, HNA HNA, based on Kaiser相关的主题文章: