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A 3D body scanner is your clothes and fitness will be the source of the artifact love fan children Australia start-up company mPort launched a 3D body scanner, can measure the body of the numerical range, let the body visualization "". It can not only ensure the gym time is not wasted, to monitor the full range of health, at the same time, 3D scan can accurately measure your measurements, to buy clothes without trouble, wearing more comfortable. MPort is a fully automated body scanner, in addition to a complete 3D image scanning of the body, but also the key numerical measurement of various health, including body mass index (BMI) and body composition (the human body contains moisture, lipid, protein and inorganic basin main chemical composition and the ratio of body fat). The machine uses infrared technology to capture the data of 20000 data points to draw the human model, safe and non-invasive, suitable for people of any age group, including pregnant women and people with pacemakers. At the same time, also need to cooperate with a app, iOS Android can be used, currently has over 100 thousand registered users in australia. Free to use, you can get the 3D body image, height, weight, measurements, BMI and target heart rate. If the monthly payment of $5 (about 33 yuan), or $50 a year (about 333 yuan) can still get you two muscles, chest, waist, knee and other parts of the specific measurement data and the results of the body composition, and specific health goal setting, time of body shape change axis of these functions. MPort recently entered the U.S. market, in California, Losangeles, the first time the chain fitness center put into use, and plans to work with the Losangeles fitness center, to promote its 26 states in the United States, the chain of the gym more than and 680相关的主题文章: