9Zhengzhou East Station million BMW owes thirty thousand zombie car parking fees (Figure) – Beijing|Zhengzhou East Station million BMW owes thirty thousand zombie car parking fees (Figure) – Beijing

Zhengzhou east the station value million BMW becomes a zombie car owed 30000 parking fees (Figure) – Beijing, Washington is a bad memory?, millions of car away? Recently, the Zhengzhou station a zombie car caused public onlookers. A BMW car parked in the parking lot of Zhengzhou north station, no more than two break, two tires have been deflated. It is understood that the parking lot of tension, parking fees 40 yuan per day, a rough calculation, this car zombie car has owed at least thirty thousand yuan parking fees. In Zhengzhou east railway station in the north parking lot, a car "dusty" black BMW car parked at the entrance, and the surrounding clean and new vehicle contrast markedly. The car on the right side of the two tires have been flat, the left side of the two tire has been scattered half of the tire. Can be seen through the window, the car is only two towels and a drink bottle. Whose car, how will fall so thick ash? The vehicle license plate number is displayed as Zhengzhou license plate, the previous annual inspection mark on the front windshield is 2014 (as shown in Figure). Zhengzhou east the station parking field a Lee staff told reporters, the car in the park has more than two years the didn’t see the owners. According to the station parking fees, 24 hours 40 yuan, mainly to pay the car parking fee has exceeded thirty thousand yuan. In order to prevent vehicle accidents, in order to prevent the owner of evasion, staff and vehicle lock. The car models for the BMW 750Li, has been discontinued, the price of a new car between 1 million 600 thousand to 2 million 90 thousand. Staff hope that the owner as soon as possible to drive away, so as not to take up limited parking resources. Provide clues to Mr. Li remuneration 100 News Hotline 96211