9Xu Shousheng cordial visit to Hunan Province, two sessions of journalists – local leaders – People’s|Xu Shousheng cordial visit to Hunan Province, two sessions of journalists – local leaders – People’s

Xu Shousheng cordial, Hunan Province, two of the country’s journalists — local leaders – People’s network, the original title: "you get the results are significant, showing the Hunan media the essence of God" today (15) afternoon, (Hunan) of secretary of provincial Party committee, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee Chairman Xu Shousheng came to National People’s Congress of Hunan news media resident, cordial sympathy fighting in the workers of the news media reported that two of the country line of Hunan Daily, Hunan Radio and television, net, etc., to everyone’s hard to pay thanks. Han Yongwen, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, Peng Xianfa, Secretary General of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress to participate in the visit. Came to Hunan daily two sessions reports in front of groups of resident, Xu Shousheng carefully browse reports in recent days and by electronic display understanding Hunan new client of two new media reports, for Hunan Daily reported the results "praise". "We are very dedicated, very hard, and achieved remarkable results." During the two sessions, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the delegation to participate in the deliberations of the delegation of Hunan and delivered an important speech. Day, Hunan daily through the message, scene sidelights, reviews, and other topics in various forms, to 5 version of the super capacity of the major news were all-round, multi angle coverage, timely vividly the general secretary to Hunan delegation to participate in the consideration of the circumstances and the spirit of the important speech delivered to the sunshine earth, then follow up in a timely manner, on the supply side structural reforms, livelihood security, agricultural modernization and other multiple topics was given prominent coverage around the spirit of the important speech of general secretary. Especially the new client in Hunan Province and give full play to the advantages of the new media, the first time issued the General Secretary Xi came to Za Hunan mission, "the news and the introduction of" I to the general secretary of the Annunciation "," look up, see the general secretary kind face "," to the general secretary report Rural three new hope "," please listen to, general secretary of the Hunan footsteps "nearly 10 the first manuscript, causing widespread concern and strong reaction, reported by Central Propaganda Department fully affirmed. Xu Shousheng pleased to say: "you used the heart, good grasp, these reports I have carefully read the." That Hunan Daily sent its Hunan Daily, Hunan new client, Huasheng online, Sanxiang City News, Xiaoxiang Morning News, Hunan micro government 30 more than the backbone of the reporter went to Beijing, to integrate the power and media combination, form fusion, focusing on two of the country report, has been the Central Propaganda Department five times of praise. Xu Shousheng said, is to focus on the strength of the main force, the news main battlefield to move to Beijing, the two sessions of the news site. Visit, Xu Shousheng on the Hunan daily, Hunan radio and television stations and other media reported that the two sessions are fully affirmed. "By all reports, fully demonstrated the media army to fight a hard battle spirit, show the uniqueness of the Hunan people, full of positive energy." Xu Shousheng pointed out that the conference spirit especially General Secretary Xi Jinping in Hunan mission are discussed in consideration of the important speech, is to guide the importance of our province this year, 45 "and even longer henceforth a period to follow. To be in accordance with General Secretary Xi Jinping, put forward the "three focus on" a grasp ", based on the actual situation of the province, earnestly implement, firmly hold the bottom line of the people’s livelihood, to the actual work for old people" praise ". Greek)