9WeChat group of strangers even grab 6 red packets but does not send a guy to beat – Sohu news|WeChat group of strangers even grab 6 red packets but does not send a guy to beat – Sohu news

Micro group strangers even grab 6 red but not hair guy beatings – Sohu News on February 16, surging (News) from the police in Suichang County, Zhejiang Province was informed that the local disposal by micro red light robbing without causing a brawl during the Spring Festival. February 9th evening, 20 year old man ray in his own a WeChat group in the red. Because some members of the group he did not know, in order to get his friend to get a red envelope, he sent a red envelope, said: only the knowledge of a friend to grab. 22 year old Cheng is also in this group, he does not know ray, but think of the red to everyone together to grab it interesting, did not bother to take notice of a reminder, grab a red envelope. After receiving a ray of red, others soon also issued a red interaction, but the way a total of about 6 yuan to grab a total of 5 red packets, but did not issue a red envelope. Leimou during at least 4 times in the group warned in a way not to grab a red envelope, but failed. To the friends of the red envelope is the people who do not know me, and the other on his warnings, Leimou unforgiveness in mind. February 14th morning, ray with a certain acquaintance of the acquaintance of a friend to come out to play in the name of the way to a certain Internet cafe. After the meeting, lei on the way to beat. After the event, a report of the way. After investigation by the police, two people are being pulled into the group of their friends, do not know each other. Because did not constitute a minor injury, after mediation, ray to a certain way to pay the medical expenses 2000 yuan.