9The first half of 10 consecutive double double rocket clippers cut each other (video)|The first half of 10 consecutive double double rocket clippers cut each other (video)

Half: Warcraft in 10 consecutive games have two pairs of rocket clippers each cut people [tidbits] Howard penalty without touching the basket fans field imitate interference Tencent sports January 19 hearing the Clippers at home against the rockets and cruised the first half the Clippers 59-52 lead. The Clippers three ball 20 shots, scoring 5 points and three goals Reddick scored 18 points, 7 points and 8 rebounds deandre Jordan. Howard 8 voted 4 for the Rockets to contribute 13 points and 15 rebounds, scored tenth consecutive double doubles. Harden 7 voted 10 to get 3 points. Warcraft 10 consecutive cut two pairs of the first section Redick third ball 4 shots in, single node chopped the next 15 points, in him in the lead the Clippers third ball 10 voted 7 is very fierce. The second section opening into the ball to Crawford, the Clippers 35-21 lead. The Rockets to improve the defensive enthusiasm, Lawson, Howard and Breuer have formed the 8-0 offensive in steals, pursuing the body rhythm. Wesley Johnson for the Clippers scored three goals, but the Clippers did not stabilize the situation, even deviation: Howard tipped hand strength is slightly larger, seeing the basketball to fall away from the basket, Howard will also be able to rebound, but small Jordan impatience, shifting the ball were judged defensive interference with the ball, is counted as goal of Howard nodded, said very satisfied. Brewer, a long shot, small Jordan the slightest effect that basketball from the tip of a finger across, Thornton was ball consequence jumper soared into the third ball, Zhuizhi rockets 34-38. Johnson reentry three points on a stability ball clippers situation, field formed a fascinating confrontation: Thornton threw preaching help Howard alley oops, offensive clippers Crawford left pass above the basket, small jordan air force then dunk. After Howard Crawford rushed to cover the interference in the basket is not rocket, the break was Jordan Breuer rushed the basket cover. Howard Jordan the face of small automatic compensation, because power is too large and the process to help Johnson Paul blacksmith; reentry three ball. Rocket and panic, harden was judged offensive foul, and facing the Reddick, Howard scored his fifth three pointers, reconstruction 51-40 clippers two digit advantage. 9 consecutive games scored two pairs of Howard very hard, the half after he has grabbed 14 rebounds. But the clippers and Pearce scored three points, 19 three points before the Clippers shot into 12 balls. Time segment of the postganglionic rocket moves, in Jones hit three points penalty, Beverly jump jump to small Jordan back, began to "cut"! Little Jordan 2 penalty 1, Howard smile. Momentum of the Rockets really have rebounded, harden scored one-third of the ball will divide the difference down to single digits, then field appeared again Howard and small Jordan dunk confrontation scene. Paul Howard also taken to cut people, Howard 2 penalty. At the end of the first half Zhuizhi rockets 52-59. (day) copyright notice: This article is an exclusive copy of the Tencent sports, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, or will be held accountable. Scan download Tencent sports APP enjoy NBA video live