9The Chinese man robbed gun self-defense 5 was 1 dead and 4 injured – International – people.c|The Chinese man robbed gun self-defense 5 was 1 dead and 4 injured – International – people.c

Us Chinese man robbed a gun self-defense & nbsp; caused one death and injury in 4 – International – People’s network people net 5 gangsters February 5 news comprehensive Chinese language media in the United States reported. Recently, West Houston a Chinese man in Highway 6 near the community of homes were located in the anterior, being people robbed. Cope with the Chinese calm, fought back in self-defence, to an enemy, killed in a robber and wounded four other accomplices, the brave style let Pro gun supporters shouting true hero. O’clock on the evening of January 4 and 7, the Chinese are ready and his wife going out for a meal, in front of the homes had got into the car not long after, it was two ambush African criminals rushed to the side of the door robbery, toward him to say "this is robbery was. Give me your money and car" (this is robbery, him money and cars). The Chinese not only in front of the car shouting, open the door even stronger. In order to protect the car with his wife, Chinese men’s grip on the door handle, but the other two people in the pull, hard, and on the hands of a gunman suspected gun, so the Chinese hypocrisy obedience, said to pocket wallet to gangsters, but suddenly pulled out a gun and toward recent gangster, even fired three shots, another accomplices waded immediately turned to flee, was also Chinese fill two gun shot wounds. At this time, another three collusion in the car the scoundrel found status is wrong, actually drove to butt, Chinese man toward criminals seater desperately shot, out of bullets, windshield suffered bullet shattered the car, then lost control and hit parked roadside vehicle rollover, while disorderly ran into the home of his wife this time also carry a gun out and three crawl out from the car gangsters, seeing the frightened and fled to escape. After receiving a report, the local police immediately dispatched more than 10 police cars rushed to the scene, arrested on the spot the injured a gangster, after hours of search on the side of the road No.6, capture criminals escape two minor injuries, another minor criminals still at large, and shot three gangsters has lost blood too much, but in the roadside grass died. Chinese American officer Michael Lee in the gun, also mentioned the case, and that gun ownership are gives people ability to protect themselves, also reminded the public to note the use of the gun mode, and after training, can play a gun in the critical role. (old ren)